What is Rently?

Rently is a premier lockbox rental showing solution. Utilizing Rently’s lockbox rental solution renters can instantly and securely access properties at their convenience. This method, also referred to as Self Service Showing, is becoming the industry norm as property managers save money and lease faster than ever before.

Get More Leads

Using Rently, you’re going to generate more leads than ever before. With our system, everyday is an open house and renters will be able to see your properties at the time that best fits their needs. Self-service showings equal more qualified leads coming in around the clock: even during after hours and weekends. More leads in less time means you’ll be leasing faster!


Manage More Properties

Because you and your agents won’t have to be physically present during the showing process, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on signing new business and growing your company. Allowing Renters to view your vacant unit at their convenience gives you a competitive advantage and will have you leasing faster. More owners will want to use your management services. Leasing has never been easier.


Lease Faster

With the Rently system, you will get more leads in a shorter amount of time. Renters are eager to find a new home and by eliminating delay between renter interest and property showing, you’ll be leasing faster. The Rently system will significantly reduce your property’s time on market.