December 17, 2018

5 Holiday Decor Tips for Small SpacesFEATURED ARTICLE

Holiday Decor Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about how best to decorate our homes to celebrate! Of course, while we might have visions of grandiose dinner parties and sweeping garland decor, we might not always have the largest spaces (or budgets) to make our holiday decorating dreams come true.

Not all is lost, though! There are plenty of ways to transform your small space into an unforgettable winter wonderland this holiday! From DIY tips to organization hacks, we’ve collected some of our top favorite ways to bring some of that sweet holiday cheer to your home – no matter how big or small it might be!

1. Use Height to Your Advantage

While you may not have a ton of room horizontally, it’s important to think about the vertical spaces in your home. That’s right – your ceilings might just be the perfect spot for some holiday decor! Hanging snowflakes or colorful baubles is a sure way to bring a little bit of holiday magic into your space.

2. Lighting Is Your Friend

Not only can lighting help make things look a little more festive, but it can certainly help you make a small room look larger! With twinkle lights, it’s easy to bring some brightness into any space you have. Plus, string lights don’t just have to be hung! Think about putting your string lights in a glass jar to create easy, soft lighting for any room.

3. Get Creative with DIY Wreaths

No room for a big wreath? No worries. DIY wreaths of rosemary and pine are small enough to hang anywhere in your home, and will add a touch of class and festivity to your space! Plus, your home will smell fantastic.

4. Deck The Cabinets

When you don’t have halls to deck, simply deck the cabinets instead! Think of your cabinet space as a blank canvas – or at the very least, a place to hang your favorite ornaments. This is the perfect way to add a touch of holiday decor to your kitchen or bathroom space without going overboard.

5. Make Comfort Key

Hosting a holiday dinner in a small space? Make comfort key and think about getting creative with what a “seat” is! Long benches, ottomans, stools, and pillows can all make for super cozy holiday dinner seating. Your guests will feel totally at home!

Have more small space decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to browse the Rently blog for renting tips, decor tips, and more!

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