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If you love HGTV and watching Fixer Upper (or any renovation show for that matter), Stay Here is the next Netflix Original show you must see. The show follows designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer as they visit different vacation rentals and help owners improve their spaces. From guest experiences to a digital presence, Genevieve and Peter provide real insight on how to boost your vacation rental.

Here are eight tips from Stay Here.

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of small details in the guest experience.

When your guest walks in, they should feel right at home. After all, the Airbnb experience sells itself on the idea that the location is a home away from home! Peter and Genevieve explain that the guest’s experience begins when they walk through the space. For example, leave some chocolates on the pillow or have some complimentary basket of goodies ready on the counter as soon as the guests walk in. Get creative and have those small details ready for guests to feel especially welcomed!

2. Your website should be easy to navigate and beautiful to look at!

In the show, Peter and Genevieve stress the importance of having a great website. Apart from using other listing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, your website is the first touch point a guest has with your space. Having a separate personal site for your property allows you to have more control over your own advertising capabilities. Also, having high-quality photos in place to accurately represent your beautiful short term rental is key. Users want to be able to book and view gorgeous photos with no fuss!

3. Make sure your space has a total Instagram-worthy moment for those social media buffs.

Social media over the past decade has changed the game for everyone in every industry. The hosts urge vacation rental owners to use this to their advantage and make sure the space has highly shareable content that renters won’t be able to resist! Include unique decor or fun furniture in your space to inspire guests to take photos and share on your behalf. Better yet, create your own custom hashtag they can use on their posts. The more social sharing, the better!

4. If you haven’t already, create a distinct brand surrounding your vacation rental.

A cohesive brand helps provide direction when advertising online and decorating the home. It will help you determine your color scheme, messaging, and overall look when presenting yourself to potential guests. A brand will also make sure your entire online presence is consistent across all platforms. (And, it will help you stand out from immediate competition near you!)

5. Have some local experience recommendations ready for guests to explore!

Create an experience book or have a section in the home with brochures to fun experiences in the area. Guests love local food or activity recommendations. This will help guests have a seamless trip experience without having to stress about what they can do in the area. Throw in a few personal favorites to really provide a true local’s perspective.

6. Partner up and cross-promote your vacation rental with local businesses.

Tying in with tip #5, work with your favorite local business and ask to partner up! The hosts suggest that this win-win strategic play will not only benefit your business but also benefit the local business. It’s a low-risk move that will allow you to push your brand and build your client base. This is a sure-fire way to integrate and establish yourself as part of the local experience!

7. A little obvious, but understanding your location potential can carry you a long way.

We all hear that ‘Location! Location! Location!’ in real estate is important, but it’s best to touch upon it anyway. Peter and Genevieve talk about knowing the potential of your property as a pure advantage. In episode five, the hosts visit a vineyard and explain to the homeowners that their beautiful property location can enhance the guest experience. For example, Peter suggested a wine-tasting package or a special dinner package overseeing the entire vineyard. Identifying and leveraging your property’s uniqueness can boost your brand presence and quality.

8. Setting goals will help you bring your vacation rental to the next level.

The last takeaway, albeit an important one, is to set business goals. It’s important to view your vacation rental as a true business and set practical goals. Throughout the series, Peter breaks down each homeowner’s ideal occupancy rate and helps them identify their true goals for a vacation rental. Think strategically about your local competitors and how you can differentiate from them with the tips listed above.

9. BONUS TIP! Add a smart home system or keyless lock for a seamless guest experience!

As a vacation rental owner, if you’re not using a smart home system or keyless entry for guest check-in, you’re behind! Keyless entries allow guests to self check-in and not worry about losing or misplacing keys while out exploring. The keyless access will also allow tired guests to check-in at a later time without the fear of any delay.

With these great tips inspired by Stay Here, you’re well equipped to make a splash in your local rental community! We’re already ready and eager for season two to come out. Where do you think they’ll shoot next?

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