Published Jul 27, 2020

Rently Insights- Get the Facts

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Clear any confusion about self-touring by reading Rently’s latest insights.

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Optimize ROI with Smart Leasing

     7 Ways to Optimize ROI with Rently’s Smart Leasing Platform Property management is not easy. Leasing professionals are constantly working to juggle many diverse operational tasks, maintain tenancy rates, and ensure that their..

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7 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Technology Now

With current economic headlines concerning rental property owners, operational budgets are tightening in response. Therefore, some may not see reasons to invest in smart home technology right now. However, whether times are boom or bust,..

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3 Ways to Find a New Apartment from Your Couch 

Finding a new apartment isn’t easy under normal circumstances, but couple that with the hassles of a house-hunt with a global pandemic and you’ve got a stressful situation.  Anybody that’s been looking for a new..

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Rently Helps Reduce Vacancy Rates in Multifamily Properties

A successful multifamily asset is a fully occupied one. The most straightforward way to maximize a property’s returns is to reduce the vacancy rate. In an ideal world, this would be easy - but in..

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