Smart Home Devices You Never Knew Existed

As players in the smart home industry, we’re keen on staying aware of other smart devices in the space. And we’ve definitely noticed that the technological boom has introduced a wide range of interesting smart tech. We’ve all seen the smart treat-dispensers for your pets or heard about smart water bottles, but what about those truly interesting devices that nobody really talks about?

Well, have no fear – we have curated some of our favorite unique smart devices for you.
Here are seven devices we didn’t know we needed.

1. The Populele

populele smart device

If you’ve ever thought about learning an instrument but felt intimidated, this smart uke will change that for you. The ukulele is made to help the player gain feedback right away through the LED lights within the uke. The Populele’s app also provides a way to learn chords and songs easily through fun games!

2. The Quirky Egg Minder

egg minder smart device

Yes, it really is as it sounds. This device stores your eggs in a smart container that connects to an app. The Egg Minder will tell you how many eggs you have at home (up to 14 eggs) and tells you when they’re going bad. The LED lights in the tray indicate which eggs are the oldest and can be seen on the app. Do we need it? Probably not. Is it cool? Totally.

3. The Floss Time

floss time smart device
Did you ever think you’d come to see a smart floss dispenser? The Floss Time gadget, designed and sold by Smile Pronto is one of many smart gadgets that help make your smile as perfect as it can get. Floss Time will remind you to floss at a set time every day with LED lights. The gadget will also dispense the ideal amount of floss needed and comes in a replaceable fifty-meter cartridge. Maybe with this smart gadget, we’ll finally get into the good habit of flossing!

4. The HAPIFork

hapi fork smart device
Yup – a Bluetooth fork. This smart fork claims to help you eat slower, which in turn, will help you lose weight. The fork notifies you through lights and gentle vibrations when you are eating too quickly. HAPIFork will also track how long it took to eat your meal, how many “fork servings” you ate in a minute, and the intervals between each “fork serving”. You can track all of this online through their website or mobile app.

5. The ClickStick

Up until this point, the gadgets all seemed to be genuinely useful in daily life. But who could have known that we’d need need a smart deodorant? Yes, really! Smart deodorant! This deodorant, designed by two rocket scientists, actually has some benefits – like reducing plastic waste. The deodorant dispenses the exact amount of product each time at the push of a button. Like any great smart gadget, the device has a compatible app that can be used to purchase refill product or track usage data.

6. The SMALT

smalt smart device

Since you have now seen the Egg Minder, you might as well add the SMALT to the mix. This $200 smart salt shaker wants to be your next dinner centerpiece. It has a speaker, cool lights, and most impressively, an app that can dispense the perfect amount of salt for your meal. The app lets you pinch, shake, or pour the salt, which will deposit in a small tray under the salt shaker. If that’s not enough, the SMALT also integrates with Alexa’s voice control to help you have the most futuristic, seamless salt experience.

7. The Ember

ember mug smart device
If you’ve always dreamed of a mug that can keep your coffee/tea/cocoa hot, look no further. The Ember mug does exactly that. It is a smart temperature-controlled mug that keeps your beverage hot for approximately an hour. Simply set your preferred temperature using – you guessed it – their custom mobile app, or keep it hot all day on their charging plate. With 78 five-star reviews on their e-commerce site, the mug truly seems to be the smart gadget we didn’t know we needed.

Unique devices make the whole tech space fun. Their quirky but somehow functional designs help bring convenience to places we have never thought of. We can’t wait to see what smart devices are introduced in the future.

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