April 6, 2021

Technical updates: January 2021 to March 2021FEATURED ARTICLE

Rently, Inc., has closed a funding round with a private equity group, McCarthy Capital. This will propel Rently to bring self-tours and smart doors to every real estate operator across the US. Tricap Residential group invited Rently for Tricap’s first annual virtual conference. During this unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic, Rently’s solutions are facilitating real estate operators to adapt to the ever-altering environment. Prospects can view the available properties during off-hours while preventing contact with any person. Presently, the significance of self-guided tours has peaked. To uplift self-guided touring to a higher level, Rently has customized lead tracking, self-tour hours, mapping, and community rules. Prospects can leverage Rently’s novel, multifamily experience without any app download. 

Following are the highlights of the Q1 2021 product updates.


Product: Multifamily Renter Web

Prospects can easily view the featured and fully setup communities so that they can decide to tour only the best communities. A carousel is created on top of the listing for featured smart communities  (communities using Keyless, V2, and Oaks V3 devices). The only filter this carousel considers is the location. It is displayed before log-in and after log-on. Instead of left and right arrows, cyclic arrows are considered. A maximum of 10 random communities are always randomized.

Prospects can start their self-guided tour directly from the Upcoming Tours page so that they don’t have to resend an SMS and leave their web browser to start their tour. If a prospect who has a Scheduled Multi Family (MF) tour on own mobile views the Upcoming Tours section, Resend Link is replaced with Start Tour (if the prospect has not checked into the community) or Resume Tour (if the prospect has checked into the community). Start Tour redirects the prospect to the I Am Here page. Resume Tour redirects the prospect to the last page where the prospect dropped off or the Lockbox, Bluetooth Lock, or Smart Lock Code page.

An email is sent with the community specific link after the unit or community on the waitlist comes to on-market. A consolidated email is not sent whereas a separate email is sent for a different bedroom level.


Product: Single Family Manager portal 3.0

Similar to the classic portal, when users click the Claim Call to Action (CTA) button from the email, they can select the agents for whom they are claiming. On the Properties page, the Sort feature is currently working properly because the ‘Showing’ status has high priority than sort. One more option is added in Sort, which is ‘Showing Status.’

The hub is supported on the Property List page: assign or unassign, enable or disable, and visitor access code.


Product: Rently Keyless Manager portal

Prospects can enter a community by getting a Frequency Operated Button (FOB) or key from a lockbox and enter a unit by unlocking a V2 Bluetooth lock so that they can proceed with their self-guided tour without any assistance from an agent or community staff. This covers both Single Unit Tour (SUT) and Multi Unit Tour (MUT). After touring an Oaks lock property and moving forward to the Lock Instructions page, it was a Blue lock User Interface (UI). Presently, the UI is an Oaks Lock UI.

Users tapped the Internet Listing Service (ILS) link, scheduled a tour, and then tapped the same link. Using this link, users could schedule another tour for SUT and reschedule the existing tour for MUT. This is fixed, and presently, the link is validated and if the user already booked a tour with this link, then scheduling or rescheduling does not happen with this link. Prospects can use the Rently Renter app to generate a code to unlock the OAKS V3 lock on the unit they want to tour so that they can proceed with their self-guided tour and find their next apartment. An Oaks V3 check-in experience is created in the app for Single-family SGT.


Product: Keyless

When the hub sends the ‘Too many failed code’ event, it is captured and a webhook notification is sent for this. In case of the thermostat that supports humidity, the hub posts the humidity value. If the value is posted, the same is displayed on the Thermostat UI.

The confirmation for master code use is accepted. After the confirmation is received, the master code is refurbished.

An option is provided for Regional Managers to create staff code without logon for assets under the assigned communities. Regional Manager: Import as Keyless new types. They are limited to only view communities their user profile is assigned to. This assignment is modifiable in Rently MF but is also modifiable by regular Admins. This user is able to otherwise do anything a normal Manager user can do. Also, they have an extra ability regular Managers do not: they can access the Staff page. When they create staff logons, they can assign new logons to one or more of the same communities the Regional Manager is already assigned to. They cannot create staff codes able to access assets in other communities. They cannot affect company settings.

Posting commands to the lock is restricted when the hub and access panel version don’t meet the minimum firmware requirements. In the Keyless Manager portal, the remove asset functionality is included. On the Property Advance Setting page, one button is added for deleting the asset. The thermostat displayed a low battery although it was connected with a wire. The task was to check if the hub can detect a different power supply type and only upload the battery when powered by a battery only. This is fixed.

After the humidity in the room came back below the threshold set by the humidity rule, there was a mismatch in the current state (setpoint) and the previous state of the thermostat, which was not reverted back properly. This is fixed. Presently, the mode is also reverted along with the cooling setpoint of the thermostat.


Product: Integrations – Single Family and Multifamily

The Waitlist Guest card creation for Entrata is done. Multiple IDs are allowed for guest card handling. Multiple IDs are allowed for data pull within a single account (GuestCard Impact changes). When a new community was created, an agent and source hash was added. In case of new communities, when a tour was scheduled, air brakes were received. The guest card was not created. This is fixed. Presently, when a tour is scheduled, a guest card is created.

ILS inquiries from Yardi are downloaded to save and know the following: Prospect information (name, phone number, email) and the primary source or marketing source.


Product: Rently Keyless Resident app

Installers can know a hub’s master code so that they can calibrate the lock or unpair or repair if the lock malfunctions. However, after Installers have worked on the property, the master code must change so that they cannot gain access later when they are no longer supposed to access the property. The user is provided another support channel to chat with Rently, which is the in-app chat. This chat offers picture sharing, due to which it is easier for support agents to troubleshoot. The Quick Response (QR) code scanner is added for iOS and Android. This results in a bigger image on the QR code screen. The Camera Application Programming Interface (API) integration is done. 

If the main resident user invited a guest through the app, after that the guest ‘no move-in’ should be displayed. Again, if the main resident user does the ‘move-out’ for the guest instead of the access getting revoked, the guest was getting moved out. This is fixed. Presently, the access for the guest must be revoked instead of the ‘move outflow’ to be done by the guest. If the user logs on as a Manager and then selects an asset with only Z-wave devices, the Hubless Staff code card is not displayed on the Dashboard. If the user logs on as a Manager and then selects an asset that has a V3 lock or access panel, the Hubless Staff code card is displayed on the Dashboard. Because if the asset may have the Common area access with the access panel, if the Access panel is offline, the Hubless access code can get applied.


Product: Multifamily Manager portal

For multifamily, it is possible to search units by using the unit number. Community Managers can view the breakdown of sources for scheduled self-guided tours on the Community Data Dashboard to understand the value of Rently.com and other marketing sources used to promote self-guided tours at their community. The uppermost part of the Dashboard has a date selector as per which the graph is created. Multifamily users can know about Rently’s Keyless offering so that they can get information about how they can upgrade to the Keyless device usage with multifamily self-tours.

All agent roles should access Unlock, Master Code, Invite Residents, and Remove Residents. So, every agent role has access to all these features as long as they are accessing the information within the community that their agent is associated with. Previously, in the Hub list, only the free hubs were displayed. This is fixed to display all the hubs in the list. Hubs that are assigned to the Rently property are not displayed.


Product: Rently-Stability

Any person could call the custom number and press 0. They could record the greeting voice. This could be reproduced on any client who supports the custom greeting. This is fixed. Invalid phone numbers of companies and agents are cleaned. Custom setup greeting messages are authenticated. On February 15, 2021, two calls were done, and voicemails were left. However, the client did not receive the voicemails. This is fixed.

A specific client had 46 locks (42 Regular and 4 Bluetooth) in their account. However. in the Data Export file, it was displayed that they had 49 locks. This issue happened because the lockboxes table in the archival DB was not in proper sync with our Rently main DB. Now, it has been resynced, and the issue has been fixed. Rently encountered a Bandwidth issue that the Toll-Free SMS was not sent to T-mobile numbers due to error of  delivery-receipt-expired, while our backup number did not retry for some reason. This is fixed.


Product: Oaks Open API

​Users who are responsible to pay the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) bills can know when their system is running continuously to help them make adjustments and save money. If the HVAC is running continuously for more than a specific number of hours, an email or webhook is sent to the Managers. Residents are also alerted so that they can try and save money. Managers are notified when the performance of their HVAC considerably changes so that they can schedule maintenance. The Tuya Cloud platform uses Apache pulsar service to push updates. A microservice is implemented that can subscribe and continuously listen to these updates.

Previously, we could add the FOB by ID but to do so, we had to enter the FOB number details manually. Now, a button ‘Scan’ has been added, which provides an option to scan the FOB number using the scanner rather than entering the FOB number manually. This feature is added for both the CPU and the normal FOB addition.


Technical writing by Abhay Burande.

About Rently

Rently, a technology innovator and industry pioneer, provides patented self-showing technology that helps property managers, investors, and renters save time by renting smarter and leasing faster. With the rapid growth and progression of the company, Rently Keyless, the enterprise smart home solutions division, was brought to life. Rently has been successful with thousands of property managers and millions of renters to date and continues to expand its reach as a leader in the real estate technology space.

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