October 6, 2020

Technical updates: July 2020 to September 2020FEATURED ARTICLE

Rently, Inc. in Q3 2020 continued its path to leave no stone unturned in its endeavors to facilitate
clients and users with an improved renting process with each passing day. The company honed all its
products by not only performing bug fixes but also the introduction of novel, creative functionalities. Amidst
the Covid-19 pandemic, the appreciation of our self-showing technology by the masses has witnessed
exponential growth due to which the efficacy of our products has become self-evident. Let us have a
glimpse of some of the plethora of innovations accomplished in the past quarter.

Product: Multifamily Renter Web

Prospects can view their self-tour activities in the Apartments section of homes.rently.com, where they can
easily view their toured units’ summary, reschedule the self-tours, and cancel self-tours.

Similarly, prospects can easily view their self-tour activities specific to the Community page they are
viewing, where they can view their toured units’ summary, reschedule self-tours, and cancel self-tours. A
Scheduled Tours Activity page is created per community for the Multifamily Community Listings link.

Prospects can enter a community by simply using a QR code on their renter web self-tour screen and
proceed with their self-tours.

Prospects can view all available unit photos on the Community Listing page, so that they can confidently
finalize those units that they want to tour. The product has a carousel and left or right arrows to display all
unit photos as uploaded in the Manager portal.

Prospects get a reminder email of their scheduled self-tour, with the link to the first step of their self-tour
journey. When a prospect schedules a tour, the prospect gets one reminder email (24 hours prior to the

When a map is used for preview, the API from the Manager portal is integrated to map the available units.
The lower-right of the map has the ‘Powered by Unitmap’ image.

Product: Single Family Manager portal 3.0

The product has the Safe mode button. In the Invite Type list, the safe mode is added.
In addition to prospects, vendors regularly access properties. They are the Cleaning crew, Construction
team, and/or MLS agents. Property Managers can manage and monitor their access. This comprises the
following tasks:

  • Create or modify a vendor record
  •  Group vendors into a company to manage together

Product: Rently Keyless Manager portal

The ‘change company’ functionality that was for assets in the Admin side is made accessible on the
Manager portal front end. The Manager portal front end follows all the same procedures and limitations of
the existing ‘change company’ functionality for assets.

Codes are managed for subcommunities. An asset can be assigned to only one community. Codes flow
from one way.

When a resident code, property level code, or FOB is generated, it is pushed to the existing common area
asset attached to the parent communities.

Agents’ roles created in Keyless as per Rently agent roles are ensured. For non-Admin agents, the logon
is disabled in Keyless, by default. After the Admins turn this ON, non-Admins can sign in on Keyless.

On ButterflyMX, anonymous tenants are created. Staff codes pins are created with those anonymous

The list in the Reservation search input option is implemented. This specifies a field, using which you can
search reservations.

Product: Rently Keyless Resident app

If a property is occupied, the Monitoring Schedules and the Thermostat Schedules are not accessible to
agents. For the Permissions framework, three states exist:

  •  Read/Write: Residents can set thermostat values.
  •  ReadOnly: When a property is occupied, Property Managers can view the thermostat but cannot
    do any action.
  •  Hidden: For the Monitor-only Manager, the Lock Unlock Swipe button is hidden. This is identical
    to Manager Access:

    • View-only access
    • Restrict MQTT operations

When an agent logon session expires, Face ID, Touch ID, or password are integrated.

The Create Reservations page is added. On the Reservations List page, click the plus button to navigate
to the Create Reservations page. You can enter all the details and then click Save to create a reservation.

The Activities page displays the activities done in the thermostat.

Product: Integrations: Single Family and Multifamily

The GuestCard settings that are available in the User section are added for Community-level settings.
The Yardi enhancement is done to check if the lease is signed after the self-tour. In RealPage, there is a
handle check to view if the existing manually added units match those from OneSite.

Third-party integrators are able to integrate with Rently so that they can provide some benefit to mutual
clients using the data for self-tours from the Rently system. Webhook is a popular integration technology
used by companies, such as GitHub and Amazon. The information is sent in real time because it is recorded into our database.

The price of units is updated based upon the available date best price (need to confirm for per client how
they want to display it. The default is that it is something similar to the matching price for the lease term).
New fields are added on the community level.

The price of units is updated based upon the available date best price (need to confirm for per client how
they want to display it. The default is that it is something similar to the matching price for the lease term).
The price is updated to the correct unit because the response consists of the unit number, which is not

Product: Hub Firmware

A single image is built that can retrieve the port and cellular type based on the module attached with the
hub. If no module is available at present, the hub acts as a Wi-Fi-only hub. However, if it is attached with
a cellular module and rebooted, you can check the existence and enable the cellular mode with a proper
module type attached at run time so that re-flashing of the hub is done to have proper information on the

The team built the setup with the SD card image on the working hub and the interface to initiate the S3
bucket download of firmware for a given node.

The Certification requirement-based APIs are to be supported to get the Central Scene control modes
from the devices. The UI mockup is on how the scene control selection is expected to be and how that is
going to be communicated back to the hub understanding. Implementation of the same is to take part of
UI integration with the server.

Product: Multifamily Renter app

‘Apartments’ and ‘Homes’ combined are added as the default properties in the map and list views.
Separate apartments and homes are displayed in the map and list views when ‘Apartment’ or ‘Homes’
filter is applied.

The Credit Card page is updated with the following details only for Multifamily properties:

  •  Info or images for accepted credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) and not accepted
    cards (“Prepaid cards are not accepted at this time.”)
  •  Message for 99 cents charge “This is a one-time platform fee that helps us with our identity
    verification cost. This allows you to tour communities securely. Tour up to 30 communities in 30
  •  A/B Test CTA to “Pay one-time fee” with lock icon and “Continue”
  •  Addition of validations and user-friendly error messages for wrong input or system errors
  • Photo for credit card (already previously supported)
  • Support for the “Use Stored Credit Card” functionality: CVV needs to be put in again.

A flow is connected for unit lock Keyless. Moreover, for V2, a reusable arch is made. Thus, a V2 +
Keyless UI flow Renter app combination is done.

Prospects get a reminder to lock the door after touring a unit so that they can proceed with their tour
without issues. A dialog box is created to inform the prospect to lock the door prior to exit from the unit,
else the prospect would be charged. This dialog box has the following verbiage: “By proceeding, you
agree to close the door and press the lock button on your app when done touring the unit.” This dialog
box has the CTA: I Agree. This dialog box is displayed only on the first unit toured. A lock page is created
that does not allow the prospect to click the CTA button and proceed with the tour without clicking the
Oaks Bluetooth Lock button on the page.

Prospects can view an interactive community map with the units they had scheduled and other units in
the Renter app so that they can easily find their way and tour the units of their interest.

Product: Multifamily Manager portal

Multifamily Managers can set a buffer time for after-tours to properly sanitize the units after tours.
Managers are allowed to set a Buffer time of either 0, 15, 30, or 45 minutes. This can be underneath the
‘Tour duration’ setting.

Multifamily Operators can have their setting changes to immediately reflect so long as they do not have
any scheduled tours so that their tour duration, showing schedule, or tour type can immediately reflect
without any issues due to existence of upcoming showings. In order of priority, if there are no scheduled
tours, it is great to automatically update slots for the following feature changes: Showing availability, Tour
duration, Tour type.

Property Managers can easily copy unit directions from an existing unit to another unit in the same
community for ease of setup. The images and text directions for ‘Directions to Unit’ from an existing unit
can be copied in chronological order. Such instruction copy is possible only from a unit that has
‘Directions to Unit’ filled out.
The Survey feedback is on the Community Dashboard.

Multifamily Managers are not confused by the settings in the Settings section that relate to a single family,
so that they do not have confusion for their account setup.
Multifamily Operators can view my community's showing conversion for scheduled vs. complete, so that
they can know the conversion for how many prospects scheduled a tour but did not show up. This is one
of the key data points that Multifamily Operators are searching. This displays all the completed showings,
and then, any that were canceled or discarded are displayed by the 'scheduled' value. The Manager can
understand how many people showed off for their tours and then how many did not show up or canceled
their tour.

Technical Writing by: Abhay Burande – 09/2020

About Rently

Rently, a technology innovator and industry pioneer, provides patented self-showing technology that helps property managers, investors, and renters save time by renting smarter and leasing faster. With the rapid growth and progression of the company, Rently Keyless, the enterprise smart home solutions division, was brought to life. Rently has been successful with thousands of property managers and millions of renters to date and continues to expand its reach as a leader in the real estate technology space.

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