January 21, 2021

Technical updates: October 2020 to December 2020FEATURED ARTICLE

Rently, Inc., has made progress in all its products in this quarter. It has increased the utility of all regions
in self-showing and smart home technologies. Its customers are definitely benefiting from these
enhancements. It is not feasible to include all achievements in this article. A few of these are briefed here.

Product: Multifamily Renter Web

On the ButterflyMX page, the Illustrated Access panel is included in the upper of the QR code. On the
BMX panel, the Virtual Key button can be pressed. To open the main door, the QR code is held up to the
scanner. On the BMX page, for the CTA button click, the log event is added.

Prospects can view all rental property types when they search for their new home so that they can have
all available options to make the best decision. The ‘View All Property Types’, ‘Multifamily Apartments’,
and ‘Single Family Homes’ filters are created. The keyword search is not an exact match. This includes
the Property ID and the Property or Community Name. The existing Square Footage list is used. The
sorting is not by scroll. The sort logic for apartments is the following:

 Price (low to high): If the price is blank, it is the lowermost; if the price is a range, consider the
lowest price
 Price (high to low): If the price is blank, it is the lowermost; if the price is a range, consider the
lowest price
 Bed (low to high): If the price is a range, consider the highest bedroom count.
 Bed (high to low): If the price is a range, consider the highest bedroom count.
 Bath (low to high): If the price is a range, consider the highest bathroom count.
 Bath (high to low): If the price is a range, consider the highest bathroom count.
 Square feet (low to high): If the price is a range, consider the highest square footage.
 Square feet (high to low): If the price is a range, consider the highest square footage.

To enable the ButterflyMX screen in the Renter app MF tours, APIs are integrated. The API is triggered to
get the QR code when prospects check in to their tour.

Product: Single Family Manager portal 3.0

The ability is included to hide agent showing-related menu items and UI components altogether. This is a
cleanup view for self-showing only users.

The following tasks are done:

 Display the option (popup) to select Off-market or Waitlist even when ‘Listing Only’ if Off when
turning off Agent Showing or Self-Showing
 When both Agent Showing and Self-Showing are both turned ON, turning either Off must make
them Off and not Waitlist.
Lockbox tracking: In the portal, although the “Unassign” Lockbox is done, this does not imply that the
lockbox is unshackled in real life. Thus, the Property Manager might lose track of the lockboxes.
For the Device table, the lockbox record has more tracking related information, such as the following:
 Unshackle activity: who generated the unshackle code and when.
 The lockbox is unassigned from which property and when.

Lastly, it was considered whether we can have a separate task for the Location and Transfer region.

Product: Rently Keyless Manager portal

When the expired date arrives, emails must be sent. It must be ensured that the questions asked are

Handle Agent disabling scenario for non-Admin users when they try to log on directly through API.

Logic is implemented to send BLE commands when sending hubs in a batch.

For expiring invitations, the codes are reviewed.

Product: Multifamily Rental app

Prospects must be able to answer basic questions before the tour so that the Leasing Agent can help in
the best possible way to lease a unit. The tasks are to include the following in the scheduling flow:
– Ask the move-in date after the prospect selects the date and time to tour
– Ask the budget range after the move-in date
– Confirm it is skippable
– Skip questions if the prospect has already answered them
– Ask the questions again if the move-in date is already in the past

Product: Integrations: Single Family and Multifamily

Multiple integrations are allowed in a single account. The Active Admin changes are to add the Settings
option in the community.
ButterflyMX QR code generation is done.
The following tasks are done:
– Append the Guest Card phone number to mobiles
– Map the Rent Ready date to Ready Date in Rently

Product: Rently-Stability

Account : https://secure.rently.com/admin/companies/15460
There are three properties of this account not syndicating their address, timezone, and other information,
which is not sent to Keyless correctly. This is fixed.

When Keyless Auto Showing is turned ON (using the hub to set Auto Showing codes) and it fails, the
client might not notice. One client claimed that it did not notice that the property has not been turned ON
until a week had passed, which led to waste of time and money. An email alert is sent to clients after the
Auto Showing is blocked for some reason, such as ‘hub offline’ and ‘lock no battery.’ Due to this alert, the
client can pay attention to fix it. In the existing workflow, an alert is sent if Auto Showing is not enabled for
more than 24 hours.

Account: https://app2.keyless.rocks/admin/companies/31288
When you try to create assets on this company, errors are thrown. There is also an airbrake error. This is
happening only to this company, while other companies are working fine. The fix is deployed and working.
Currently, the Manager app targets Android 9 (API level 28). The task is to upgrade the Android Manager
app to target Android level 10 (API level 29). From November 2, 2020, the app updates cannot be
released to the Google Play Console unless they target Android 10.

Product: Rently Keyless Resident app

A UI is created for lock-unlock of V3 locks. This is for short-range lock operations of lock and unlock. This
comprises display of essential messages to get Bluetooth permission and location permission.

V3-short-range lock code creation is done.


The move-in flow for the resident is completed.


1. In the Manager portal, create an asset.
2. Add a V3 short-range lock.
3. Initiate move-in.
4. Open the app, and then view the invitation.
5. Accept the invitation.
6. On the Dashboard, view the 5-digit invitation code.
7. Enter the code to view the highlight page.
8. Click on the lock to set the lock code.


1. In the Manager portal, initiate move out.
2. In the app, on the Dashboard, view one card to complete the move out.
3. Tap the card to view the highlight page.
4. Click the lock to delete codes from there.
5. After deletion of all codes, tap Done.
6. Access to home is revoked.


By Abhay Burande

About Rently

Rently, a technology innovator and industry pioneer, provides patented self-showing technology that helps property managers, investors, and renters save time by renting smarter and leasing faster. With the rapid growth and progression of the company, Rently Keyless, the enterprise smart home solutions division, was brought to life. Rently has been successful with thousands of property managers and millions of renters to date and continues to expand its reach as a leader in the real estate technology space.

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