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Spend less time juggling inbound calls and let our trained reps hand off qualified leads!

Rently Call Center

What Our Call Center

Our leasing call center representatives answer your calls and educate your first-time Rently users about our self-touring technology while collecting valuable lead information to qualify the caller for a viewing.

Additionally, our representatives are trained in the Rently system and are skilled in navigating our platform to perform a series of outbound calls, providing a true lead-to-lease experience!

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Monthly Subscription
Additional $0.50 per Minute
US-Based Dedicated Team
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*Custom Script and Workflow

Why Rently Call Center?

With our call center representatives, you’ll be able to minimize the number of calls coming to your agents and maximize call-to-self-show conversion rates. Access to our call center includes our proprietary call center software.

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Inbound Call Features

Lead Qualification
Rently Lockbox Education
Scheduled Agent & Self-Showing
Provide Application Information
Detailed Reporting
Quality Assurance
Call Calibrations

Outbound Call Features

Inquiry and Post-Viewing Follow-Up Calls
Guide to Application
Viewing Assistance
Suggest Alternative Properties
SmartMatch from Rently
Detailed Reporting
Quality Assurance
Call Calibrations

What Makes Us Different

Renter Support

If renters have questions about a listing, or need extra help completing a showing, we can handle it all!


We can collect screening information for phone inquiries, and help you identify if any callers are worth a follow up. Check lead reports at your own convenience!


Need a good lead to fill out a survey or submit an application? We can handle that! Our call center can handle outgoing calls to keep renters engaged with your properties.