Enterprise Smart Home

Welcome to the new era of Smart Property Management. Rently Keyless Smart Home allows you to perform self-tours, optimize resident access, monitor your units, and cut down utility costs anytime, anywhere.

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Single Family & Multifamily Operators
using Rently Smart Home Include
  • American Homes For Rent
  • Redfin
  • Imagine Homes 1
  • National Home Rentals
  • Kairos Living
  • Roofstock 1
  • Mynd
  • Maxx Properties
  • Es Ring

Smart Access, Full control

Rently Smart Home Technology that provides a Street to Suite solution.

Managing 1000 of properties without WIFI
Self-touring integration
Resident Handoff- Lasting value or amenities

Smart Access Management

Let your renters Unlock the future
Oaks Smart Lock 3

Self-touring has never had a better platform, the Oaks Smart Lock 3 is the culmination of years of R&D to perfect access technology to the nth degree. Once your unit is leased, easily hand off the lock for renter amenitization. Unlock the future today!

Yale Smart Locks

As one of the oldest international brands, Yale is among the most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide.

Kwikset Locks

Kwikset makes coming home personal because it works with smart products that you already love.

Oaks Smart Access Control System

Our Common Area Access platform integrates with every area Rently Self-touring, grant secure and monitored common area access to prospective renters, tenants, vendors, and visitors.

Smart Monitoring

We help you keep an eye on your properties.
Door Sensor
Smart Door/Window Sensor

The Rently Keyless Smart door/window sensor keeps you notified of open doors and windows. With our Rently Smart Hub technology, we can trigger scenes so that the HVAC unit shuts off automatically if a door or window is left open for a set period of time. Get real-time email notifications of the sensor’s activity and keep track of the times and dates in the activity log. Our technology is ideal for short term vacation rental units & Self-touring.

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Rently Keyless App

Rently Keyless provides a total smart home solution for home owners and property managers. The Rently Keyless app lets you remotely control devices paired with the Rently Keyless.Tri-Band Hub including keyless entry locks, smart thermostats and other devices. Secure, Access and Manage your properties with Rently Keyless.

Motion Sensor
Smart Motion Sensor

Enhance the security of your property by detecting motion and getting real-time notifications on the Rently Keyless App and set email alerts to home owners and managers.

Damage Prevention

Rently is proactive, not reactive.
Smart Smoke Detector
Smart Smoke Alarm

Our smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system helps both reduce liability and provide renters with peace of mind. Rently Keyless has partnered with First Alert to send audio, email and push notifications when an event is detected at a property.

Valve Water Shut-Off

Remotely trigger water shut-off from the Rently Keyless App or the Web portal. Perfect match for the Rently Keyless flood sensor. Pair the two and automatically trigger the valve shut-off as soon as the flood sensor is triggered to keep your property damages to a minimum.

Flood Sensor
Flood Sensor

Get notified whenever a water leak or flooding is detected. Pair with the Water valve shut-off to get ahead of the game and keep your property damages to a minimum.

Energy Management

Save up on utility costs and reinvest in your community.
Lighting Control
Smart Light Switch

Our technology allows you to set occupancy-based lighting schedules to reduce utility bills, even during a vacancy! Remotely control lights, dimmers and individual bulbs via the Rently Keyless App. Set up lights to sync up with self-tourings to show the best features of your unit, even after-hours.

Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Rently helps you keep utility bills in check—Our smart thermostat lets you control your HVAC system, set schedules, and trigger smart scenes so that your unit is always comfortable for renters and self-touring prospects.

Smar Lightbulb
Smart Lightbulb

Add a touch of luxury to a rental home or community by offering smart lighting as an amenity. Smart light bulbs can be configured to set smart schedules for your renters. Sync with booking or property management software to automatically shut off lights when a property is unoccupied – even when no wifi is available.

How does it work?

Rently’s Smart Hub technology allows you to connect our smart devices to perform self-guided tours on your vacant units no matter where you are with our cellular powered technology. We provide you with world-class Smart access, Home Monitoring, Energy management, and Damage prevention solutions.

Tri-band Connection

More bands equals less interference

Lithium Ion battery backup

Stay connected even during power outages

IoT Protocols


Proprietary technology

Unlike some of our competitors, we engineer our hub in-house. We take pride in our efforts to build the best hub for you.

Proven and Certified Security

Rently holds itself to the highest security standards with regards to access control and self-touring technology. Starting in 2011 with Authorize.net authentication, we have evolved the platform to incorporate 6 layers of prospect security. Rently is also an ISO 27001 certified company and we commit to provide you with the best information security possible.

Credit Card Authentication
Manual Review
Government ID
AI Review
Our Security Partners
  • Authorize Net
  • Trustwave
  • Zacco
  • Iso 27001
  • Ccpa