I can’t find the serial number

The serial number should be displayed clearly at the top of the lockbox. (Please see picture below)
A set of Rently Lockboxes with shackle and keypad

If the lockbox resembles the picture above but the serial number is not clearly displayed, the numbers may have rubbed off.

Please check the back of the box. If you do not see the serial number on the back of the box either, it’s likely not a Rently lockbox. Rently only uses lockboxes with a keypad and the boxes are usually dark blue, black, orange, or light beige in color. We do not use lockboxes that have a number wheel. Often times property managers put 2 lockboxes on the property, 1 for renters and 1 for maintenance workers or realtors.

Unfortunately, if you do not see a Rently lockbox on the property, you will not be able to complete the showing through Rently at this time. Try contacting the property manager to discuss other showing options.