• What is Rently?

    Rently is a great way to see rental properties in a way that works for you, the Renter. Our company was founded on the idea that there was a way to use technology to benefit the Renter. Rently has created the first technology of its kind, an exciting new way for you to look for your next home.

    We provide Property Managers the technology to keep up with Renter’s needs, especially as the market shifts from owning to renting homes. We want to get you through more doors with less work for everyone.

  • Does Rently Work on Every Property I Want to See?

    Rently is a service, therefore the decision to utilize Rently is up to the individual property managers. We would love to see the service used on every rental in the United States, but that takes time. The more renters like you use Rently to Show Smarter, the more it becomes available. We are in many homes in most areas, and you can go to http://rently1.wpengine.com/ and click on

    Renters to see the Rently Map of properties in your area.

  • Is this Property Managed or Owned by Rently?

    No, Rently is simply the technology provider. The property is managed by a Property Manager who deals with all things such as maintenance, applications, and lease agreements. Here is an analogy to help you better understand Rently. Take your cellphone for example. Your phone is managed by either AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc. however, Apple or Android provide the technology.

  • Can I Find out About the Income or Credit Requirements from Rently? What About Applications?

    When you are ready to begin the leasing process for a property, please understand Rently does not partake at any point in this process. Each individual property management company has their own specific qualifications to lease one of their properties. If you have questions about the requirements to lease a property or the application, you will need to contact the property management company responsible. To help you locate the company responsible click this link and search the address of the property under “list-view”.

  • How do I See a Property Using Rently?

    If you go here you can search for properties in the area using Rently.

    There are two ways you can view a Rently property:
    A guided tour with a leasing agent (Schedule Agent Showing)
    By yourself (Enter Property Yourself)

    If the property says “Request Viewing” you will have to wait until the property manager contacts you and invites you in to view their property.

    Self-viewing: If a property is available to Enter Property Yourself, you will be prompted to pick a day to view the property before you register. (If you are already at the property, click the “Check In” button and follow the instructions to verify your Smart Phone and register). You will then be prompted to create a Self-Showing account. This includes Smart Phone verification and putting a credit card on file, which we process just to keep things secure. *DO NOT share your pin with anyone.

    1. Once you arrive at the property, Login to Rently and Check-in.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 1

    2. Next you will be prompted to verify your phone number, please input a valid cell-phone number.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 2

    3. A Pin will be texted to your phone (DO NOT share this pin with ANYONE, a property manager will never ask you for this PIN #) this is NOT the lockbox code, enter the pin and fill out the required fields on the previous “SMS verification page”. *Beware of Rental Scammers who ask for your pin.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 3

    4. Read and understand the terms and conditions, press call now, and listen to the instructions carefully. Do not wire money to any party

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 4

    5. Enter in a valid credit or debit card, a one time $0.99 fee will be processed once the code is generated to your phone.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 5

    6. Enter in the lockbox serial number which is located on the top of the lockbox, if it has been removed, check behind the lockbox as it is located there as well.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 6

    7. Once the code is generated to you phone enter it into the lockbox, be sure to press ENT firm enough to where the lockbox keypad lights up. Click checkout once you have completed your viewing.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 7

    8. Upon leaving the property, we will prompt you to Check Out.

    How do I See a Property Using Rently? Example 8

    Always remember to treat the property with respect, report any issues you notice about the property and never share your pin with anyone. Lastly, to find out and contact the property management company visit https://secure.alwashow.com/propertiesSearch and enter in the address.

    *Please contact the property management company if denied access

    If you are interested, the Manager will be alerted and you should get a follow up contact soon.

    Guided Tour: If a property is set to Agent Showing, you will be able to schedule a guided tour with an agent based on their availability listed. Some properties do not work for a self-showing, but we still want to be able to get you a showing without the need for phone-tag.

    Once you click the Showing button, you’ll be prompted to select a Date & Time for your showing. These are dates and times set up by the Property Manager when they are available to do showing. If these times don’t work for you, we encourage you to reach out to the Property Manager to see if they can work something out.

    You are then asked a few basic pre-screening questions. These tell the Property Manager that you’re a good, qualified renter. Once that is complete, you’ll be asked to verify your smart phone and set up an account. This is to make sure your contact information is good before we put the appointment into the Manager’s calendar. This is the number we will use to confirm your showing the day of, so be sure to use your own smart phone.

    Unconfirmed Showings are Cancelled.

    A showing with an agent does not require a credit card on file, as you are meeting an actual agent at the property. If you end up booking a Self-Showing, you will be prompted to add a credit card at that time.

    On the day of your showing with an agent, you will receive a confirmation Email, Call, and Text. Be sure to confirm your showing or cancel your showing if something comes up that day. If you need to reschedule, please let the property manager know.

    When a property is not yet ready for viewings, the option “Notify Me When Ready To View” allows you to be placed on a Waitlist to see the property when it’s ready to be viewed. Usually the property is being vacated, and is not ready to be shown. Once the property becomes available Rently will send you an email to let you know you may now schedule a time to view the property.

  • Why Can’t I Sign up for an Account?

    The two things you are going to need to create a Rently Self-Showing account aside from your email address:

    • a verified Smart Phone provided by a major cellular carrier
    • a valid credit card or debit card provided by a legitimate banking institution

    We do not accept:

    • prepaid, EBT, Debit only, or expired/cancelled cards.

    We do not verify phone numbers from:

    • a Landline, Google-Voice, International, or Satellite Phone.

    Please note if you attempt to use any of the previously listed, we may block your account to prevent fraud. Please contact the property manager to discuss further options to view the property.

  • Why is my account blocked?

    Rently has a few triggers set up to prevent fraud. The system is designed to detect and prevent fraudulent or non-secure use, so there are some cases when it gets a little too eager and blocks someone.

    • Viewing over 20 properties/Active account over 30 days-Most people find and apply for a rental within 20 viewings and in less than a month, so any time someone goes past those thresholds, our system gets a bit suspicious.
    • Viewing in Multiple states: In order to prevent Showing Scams, if you are viewing in properties in multiple states, we will often block you from accessing the system, especially if they are non-neighboring.
    • Bad Credit Card/Cell number: If your credit card has been flagged for fraud, become expired, or your cell number has been disconnected we will automatically suspend your account.
  • Why Couldn’t I View a Property, Even After Paying the $0.99 Fee!?

    If you are having trouble accessing the lockbox, please contact the property manager.

    Many renters often question if Rently collects their $0.99 fee. The answer is no. Our partner Authorized.net captures the $0.99 pending transaction to ensure your card is a valid credit or debit card.

    If you registered but your card was rejected for any reason, that fee is actually just put on hold and will fall off in a day or two.

    If you completed the registration, you were unable to view the property (it went off the market, or maybe you were unable to make it to the property), you can request a refund by contacting support@rently.com. We are happy to submit a refund request to Authorize.Net for you.

  • Why was I charged more than once?

    You may see multiple charges to your account, which is generally user error. If you had trouble registering, or if your connection got interrupted, it can trigger multiple $0.99 Authorization holds. Please do not worry. The charges are a pending charge, therefore they automatically fall off in your bank account in one to two days, although one transaction is captured.

  • Why Won’t my PIN Work on this Lockbox?

    The PIN number texted to your phone is to verify your phone number on the next page, it is NOT the lockbox code. Read the text carefully. DO NOT share this PIN number with anyone. A property manager will never ask you for this PIN. If someone asks you for your PIN number it is highly probable you are dealing with a scammer. Please contact support@rently.com immediately.

  • What is this Number on Top of the Box? Will it Work to Open the Lockbox?

    Each lockbox has its own unique serial number. Inputting the serial number into the lockbox to open it will not work. To gain access to the property you will need to login to your Rently account, check-in to the property, and continue through the Rently process.

  • Does Rently Keep my Credit/Debit Card Information on File?

    No, Rently does not save any information about your credit or debit card. All information is stored by Authorize.Net, which is secured and encrypted. Should any fail to comply with the terms and conditions and damage a property, Authorize.Net can access the necessary information at our request. It is no different than renting a car or staying at a hotel room. Please treat each property with respect.

  • What do I do if I Notice Something is Wrong?

    If you just got to a property and went to use the Smart Lockbox but noticed an issue at the property, stop and immediately call the Property Manager listed on the property’s “For Rent” sign, or through the Rently listing. In some cases, there may be increased risk of harm to you. However, most of the time this protects you from being considered as possibly liable for any issues you notice. If you continue your showing without saying anything, you are likely to be held responsible for damage or issues on the property.

  • There’s no Key in the Smart Lockbox!

    If you arrive at a property and find the Smart Lockbox empty and the key missing, immediately report it to the Property Manager. By checking in and going through the Rently process you are abiding by the terms and conditions that you will report anything amiss at the property. Typically the last renter forgetfully walked off with it in their pocket, regardless of the cause please let the management company and support@rently.com know about it.

  • What if Someone Else is There When I Get There? What if Someone Shows up While I’m There?

    Since renters can use Rently Self-Showing to go whenever they want, there will occasionally be someone looking at the property already when you arrive. In this case, we do ask that the first renter finishes their showing and checks out, returning the key to the Smart Lockbox before the next renter checks in and shows. This keeps the property secure, and protects both renters from any liability. If you were at a Hotel and checking out, you wouldn’t let the next guest into the room before they checked in. Same idea here.

  • What do I do if I Can’t get the Lockbox to Work?

    Rently is technology, and sometimes technology breaks. A box could be damaged or malfunctioning, or perhaps there is not enough of a signal to use your Smart Phone. In this event, we encourage you to call the Property Manager directly, as they will be able to help you get access to the property, which is our primary goal. You can always reach out to Rently directly, but we are not able to generate codes or give property access without permission from the Property Manager, so always call them first.

  • Can I see a Property More Than Once?

    Absolutely! We already know the second viewing is with your significant other, best-friend, or roommate, the third viewing is to see if your furniture will fit and the fourth viewing…we’ll just say at this point you already know it is meant to be. You will need to go through the Check-In process each time you visit. Rently gives you secure, easy access for that very purpose.

  • Will I Ever Have to Wire Money for a Deposit?

    No! Property managers never ask you to wire money. If someone is asking you to wire money, that is a scammer looking to take your hard earned deposit money from you. Always check to make sure the price and information in Rently match the information given to you by the person you are in contact with. Property Managers will always have you submit a deposit as a Money Order to their office, but usually only after you’ve put in an application.

    Don’t let anyone pressure you into jumping into a place because it could go off the market quickly. Once you submit an application, your place in line is generally set. It’s standard market practice for an approved applicant to be insured their place in Good Faith as long as they move along with the lease process in a decent amount of time, so taking an extra afternoon to do a little extra research should never cost you your place in line for a good property. In fact, a good Property Manager will want you to do your due diligence, as it means you’re a responsible renter.

  • What Happens if I Forgot to put the Key Back?

    You did the showing, and the property was pretty cool, but you were on your lunch and had to run. You locked the door, but you got to your desk and realized the key is still in your pocket. Oh no! Don’t fret, though. Simply contact the Property Manager (You should have their information already via the Rently Property Listing) and let them know. If you don’t, someone will notice and you’ll probably get a call. Acting quickly is a good way to avoid the Manager opting to pursue financial action against you.

  • What if I Leave a Light on? Or Door Unlocked?

    Part of the Rently Terms Of Use is that you will lock-up and secure the property when you are done with your showing. Since the Property Manager is trusting you to be respectful, Rently is trusting you to be responsible.You may be contacted by a Property Manager about an electric bill, an issue with an unlocked door, or something else. Your Rently account may be banned if this issue becomes a habit after viewing multiple properties. Most Property Managers will be understanding if you try to work with them to resolve the issue, but we at Rently work hard to allow any disputes of this nature to be resolved between the Rently User and Property Manager.

  • What if I Don’t Have a Smart-Phone?

    You are still able to self-show a Rently property without a smart-phone! While smart-phones are a wonderful way for us to connect to technology, not everyone has one. Simply contact the Property Manager and they will be able to help register you through the Rently Access Portal and provide you with a code to view the property yourself.

  • What if I Don’t Have a Credit Card?

    We use credit cards as a form of security verification, but we know not everyone has one. The Renter-Manager relationship is often a personal one, so you can definitely use Rently if you contact the Property Manager and find another way to make them feel comfortable letting you into their property. Just give them a call and explain the circumstances. They may ask you to apply beforehand, or to come to the office, or for some other verification.

  • Why do I Need a Credit Card?

    A Property Manager is someone who takes care of a property. Sometimes those are owned by the Management Company, but usually it is for another Owner. So the Manager is responsible for the safety of the Property. And you are their guest, although you must remember you are a complete stranger entering their property. The credit card is security blanket should anything occur, you as well as I know, not all renters are as respectful and courteous as you.

  • Have Questions Regarding your Screening and/or Credit Report?

    Contact us at screening@rently.com or call us at 888-340-6340

  • What is Rently?

    Rently is a new way of doing showings. More than just a lockbox company, we use technology to make getting your vacant and soon-to-be available rentals off the market more efficiently by accommodating the renter, which in turn gives the Property Manager the power to get more done.

    We do Self-Access Showings through our Smart Lockbox system, of course. That’s what Rently started out doing in 2011, and it’s what we continue to do to this day. However, we have worked hard to respond to market demands and develop tools and features that respond to your business needs. On top of Self-Access Showings, we do:

    • Syndication To Major Listing Sites
    • Pre-Leasing Waitlists
    • Inbound Inquery Auto Responder
    • Pre-Screening
    • Agent Tour Scheduling with Calendar Sync
    • Property Feedback and Automated Application Connection
    • Custom Rental Inquery Phone Line
    • Property Listing I-Frame
    • Vendor Access
  • How Does Rently Self-Showing Solution work?

    When a Property Manager used Rently’s Smart Lockboxes, our goal is to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as we can, making sure you’re able to focus your resources in a more effective way. We do this by allowing technology and automation drive the process.

    When a Renter is interested in a property, they will send you an inquiry, usually from one of the major listing sites. This is the first place Rently kicks in to make your life easier, turning every inbound lead into a chance to do a showing with our Push Marketing Autoresponder. Within seconds, the renter gets an email letting them know they are able to view the property at their own convenience and are prompted for Rently.

    We verify their smartphone, secure them with a valid credit card, then we give them instructions to go to the property. From the property, they are able to use the Lockbox Serial code to get a secure, 1 hour access code. The great thing about this part are the Live Alerts you get every time someone checks in at your property. You can literally sit and watch showings do themselves wherever you are.

    Once the renter is done, they are prompted to check out, returning the key to the Smart Lockbox, verifying that they respected the property, and then they are asked for their feedback. This is a great way not only to keep in touch with how renters view your property, but also to know who is interested in pursuing an application and lease from you. You are able to see all of this information through your Rently Access Portal.

  • What is This Smart Lockbox?

    Rently uses Sentrilock Lockboxes as a shell, with a Banking-level encryption technology that pre-loads millions of millions of codes onto each box, and is able to determine if each code entered is the correct code for that date and time. These are Motorized lockboxes with a 5 year lithium ion battery, made in the USA, and covered by our Partnership Guarantee.

  • Can I Use My Own Boxes?

    Because each Smart Lockbox is loaded with Rently’s proprietary encryption-based technology, the only way to use our system is to use our Smart Lockboxes. We are the only ones in the industry doing this, and it is part of why our system is not only secure, but also all-inclusive. The technolgy we use is ours, not something shoe-horned into existing technology.

  • Why Do You Lease Boxes Instead of Sell Them?

    Each Smart Lockbox that Rently sends out is our own, and it comes with our Partnership Guarantee. We don’t make you buy the technology, instead opting to lease. This does two things. For one, you are able to scale the system to fit your needs, as you’ll never have the same number of vacant rentals month to month. It also means you have the ability to return defective or malfunctioning boxes to us and get a replacement at no cost to yourself. This is technology, and technology breaks. If we can keep our inventory cycling in and out of our warehouse, we can keep a better eye on possible problems and hopefully resolve them before a renter is standing at the door of your rental property.

  • Is the Rently Process Safe & Secure?

    Before we created Rently, we noticed that many property managers were using mechanical lockboxes for key management and showings. We created Rently with improved security in mind and enhanced the process.With Rently, renters must register with a valid credit card and are only given one time access when they are at the property. Rently constantly monitors activity logs to make sure your properties are secure.

  • How Much Does Rently Cost?

    $30 Monthly per Smart Lockbox. We charge based on Smart Lockbox Useage. We like to keep our other features free, as they don’t cost us any extra to include, and the system doesn’t work nearly as well without them. So that’s it. Each additional Lockbox adds $30 to your monthly bill. There are no setup fees, cancellation penalties, training or support costs, usage caps. Simple and easy is how we like it.

  • Why do Renters pay 99 Cents?

    Rently prompts renters for credit card information to make sure they are really interested in your vacancy and not just a “Lookie Lou”. 99 cents is the authentication charge to verify renter provided credit card information is valid.

  • Is Support Included?

    You will have a dedicated Client Success Manager that will help you through initial deployment and beyond.

  • Can I Cancel at any Time?

    We are completely month to month, with no contract and no setup or cancellation fees. This means you can cancel anytime with no repercussions.

  • What if the Renter Doesn’t Have a Credit Card? Or a Smart Phone?

    You are still able to use your Rently Access portal to generate codes for every renter. We do recommend you screen anyone who doesn’t have a card to put on file, since it’s less secure this way. However if you have a renter who you know and trust, you can easily generate a code for them to use to self-show the property.

  • Do you only do Self-Showing?

    Nope. Smart Lockboxes are a great solution, but they don’t work on every single property. With this in mind, Rently also includes a free scheduling platform with every account. This is a way to schedule a guided tour with one of your agents or managers based on your availability. It does not require a credit card to do, but there are some pretty basic pre-screening questions you can customize to meet the needs of your business. It includes calendar sync, auto-confirmation, and can even handle customized instructions and open houses. This way you can still use automation on those properties where the Smart Lockbox just won’t work, capturing more leads and ridding yourself of a significant number of phone calls.

  • Do I Need a Rently “For Rent” sign?

    The short answer is no. But, the Rently “For Rent” sign is one of a kind with the message, “Enter Property Yourself.” Renters who see the sign will immediately know they can view your home for rent on the spot. Rently strongly recommends using the Rently QR sticker and “For Rent” sign to increase showings of your property for rent.

  • Is it Safe to Let People into Properties Themselves?

    In our experience, yes. With over 4 million check-ins nationwide, we’ve never had a serious case of a renter using Rently to cause damage to a property. We won’t lie, Property Management is often about mitigating risk and the reason you’d be nervous about security and liability is because you’ve probably seen it all.

    For us, the best way to mitigate exposure to risk is to get a renter in the property with a signed lease. That’s where we come in. We use the same precautions as the Car Rental or Hotel industry, taking a valid credit card and verifying that their SmartPhone so the renter is on the hook for any damage done during a self-showing. This means the system polices itself, because your renters are looking to keep their credit in tact, which means being responsible.

    If there is an incident of any kind, you are able to report it directly to your Rently Client Success Manager for resolution. We have your back, and if what we did wasn’t secure and beneficial, we couldn’t keep doing it.

  • How do I Know When a Renter Viewed my Property?

    Rently will send you a real-time email with the name and number of the prospective renter as they check-in to see your property. Additionally, you can always log back into the Rently management portal to view detailed activity logs for each property listed with Rently.

  • What is a Rently QR Sticker?

    A Rently QR sticker is a special scannable code that can be used by smartphones to open information about a property for rent. After scanning a QR sticker on a property for rent, a renter can register to view the property on the spot. Rently provides a unique QR sticker for each property added in the portal. Property Managers have the choice of putting the QR sticker on company signs or the Rently “For Rent” sign.

  • Will you be Able to Integrate with my Existing Property Management Software?

    Rently believes in transparency and partnership, so we have an open API which we have made available so that we are able to do what we call a Data Scrape, gathering all the properties already in your management software and using that information to Syndicate properties to all major listing sites. We work with most of the major management software companies, and can probably work with yours.

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