iQual™ Plus

We match properties with renters who have a better chance of qualifying based on credit score, income, eviction, pets, and other pre-screening questions.


What iQual™ Plus Offers Property Managers

Set up pre-screening criteria and receive lead scores for renters based on their credit score, income, eviction history, pets, and other criteria to see if they match any of your properties' requirements.

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Prioritize leads based on if they meet your requirements
Free marketing channel: we recommend your properties to renters that match your requirements
Our system intelligently matches renters to the right properties in your portfolio
Stop wasting valuable time and resources processing renters who don't meet your criteria
Promote your best properties to the most qualified renters
100% free for managers

What iQual™ Plus Offers Renters

iQual™ Plus allows renters to do a soft pull of their credit score with TransUnion to match them with properties that they have a better chance of qualifying for. Renters receive a curated list of recommended homes that they meet the initial qualifications for, so that they don’t have to waste money applying for a home they may not qualify for. iQual™ Plus costs $7.99 for 30 days of home matching.