How Does Rently Keyless Work?

Managers can integrate keyless entry locks, smart thermostats and other devices on a home or rental unit. All properties can be easily managed through our Rently Management portal, and renters or guests receive easy and instant access using an app or unique code!

Rently Keyless Smart Home Thermostat Device

Voice Control

Easier said than done now applies to your home automation too. With voice control, you can to adjust a wide range of smart home systems with your voice. Simply plug it in, link to your Rently smart devices, and chat away!

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Easy Access, Easy Control

  • Use Codes, Not Keys!
  • Replace all of your traditional keys with durational codes, saving time and money during the re-keying process
  • View Real Time Activity Logs
  • Instantly view logs and see when guests, contractors, or staff access a property.
  • Easily Integrate with your Property Management Software.
  • Automatically sync Rently Keyless with property management software to generate unique access codes.

Custom Renter App

The Rently Keyless Renter App provides renters with safe, secure smart home control. All they need to sign up is their email address! Plus, our Renter App efficiently provides renters with a branded community app experience.

Energy Management

With the Rently Keyless system, it’s possible to remotely control heating, cooling, and air conditioning without the need for wifi.

Reduce Utilities

Remotely manage your utilities and reduce consumption by up to 20% annually

Automate Schedules

Easily automate thermostat schedules based on day, time, or even occupancy

Sync Software

Sync your thermostat with your property management software for end-to-end automation

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