Smart Lighting Features & Benefits

Looking to reduce utilities, automate lighting schedules, or add a touch of luxury to a property? Look no further than Rently Keyless lighting automation.

With our system, it’s possible to gain complete control of a property’s lighting. Switches, dimmers, and even individual bulbs can be controlled via the Rently Keyless App or management portal!

Total Lighting Control

Control dimmers, switches and 3-way lighting from any connected device!

Easily Reduce Utility Bills

Set occupancy-based lighting schedules to reduce utility bills, even during a vacancy!

Software Integration

Sync with booking or property management software to automatically shut off lights when a property is unoccupied – even when no wifi is available.

Increase Rental Revenue

Add a touch of luxury to a rental home or community by offering smart lighting as an amenity.

Rently Keyless Smart Home Lighting Device

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