Reduce Utilities & Add Convenience

Our Rently Keyless smart thermostat allows both homeowners and managers to remotely control HVAC systems. Using the Rently Keyless Enterprise portal or Rently Keyless app, managers can control heating, cooling and ventilation – all without the need for wifi!


Smart Thermostats can provide tremendous value to home owners and managers!

  • Reduce utility costs by 10%-20% annually
  • Create occupancy-based schedule setting
  • Pair HVAC systems with door and window sensors to perform auto shut-off*
  • Sync smart thermostat with vacation rental or property management software

*Smart thermostats require an HVAC system with 4 or 5 wires to function. Smart thermostats cannot work with radiant or baseboard heating.

Rently Keyless Smart Home Thermostat Device

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