Rently Keyless Tri-Band Hub

The Rently Keyless Tri-Band hub is the heart of the Rently Keyless system. Unlike other smart-home companies, Rently Keyless has engineered a hub from the ground up to ensure enterprise clients get the best smart-home technology available.

Tri-Band Connection

The Tri-Band technology includes 4G LTE, Wifi, and ethernet connection to ensure superior industry uptime. With all three connectivity options, it’s possible to use Rently Keyless smart home technology even when no wifi is available!


Need to customize the Rently Keyless Hub? Not a problem. Rently Keyless allows clients to customize software and hardware while offering residents cutting-edge smart home technology. Simply tell us your branding protocol and software requirements, and we’ll be happy to tailor our hub to meet your needs.

Scalable Technology

Support for Z-Wave, Bluetooth and wifi protocols allows Rently Keyless to securely incorporate over 1800 smart home devices. If you need a custom protocol integrated, simply let us know!

Rently Keyless Smart Home Hub Device

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