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The Light way to Managing your Properties

With smart lighting homeowners and property managers can create schedules, monitor usage, and link with other smart home devices to simply the home routine and set the perfect home atmosphere!

Smart Lighting Features and Benefits

Looking to reduce utilities, automate lighting schedules, or add a touch of luxury to a property? Look no further than Rently Keyless lighting automation.

With our system, it’s possible to gain complete control of a property’s lighting. Switches, dimmers, and even individual bulbs can be controlled via the Rently Keyless App or management portal!

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Total Lighting Control

Control dimmers, switches and 3-way lighting from any connected device! Setting up the connection is made-to-use and easy so find out how to get started today!

Easily Reduce Utility Bills

Set occupancy-based lighting schedules to reduce utility bills, even during a vacancy!

Software Integration

Sync with booking or property management software to automatically shut off lights when a property is unoccupied – even when no wifi is available.

Increase Rental Revenue

Add a touch of luxury to a rental home or community by offering smart lighting as an amenity.