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Rently Keyless is an enterprise-grade smart home utilized by vacation rental managers nationwide who want to reduce operating costs and increase operational efficiency. Rently Keyless allows managers to Eliminate key checkouts for guests, enhance security for owners and reduce utility bills with a suite of energy management tools.

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Streamline Guest Check in with Rently Keyless

Streamline Guest Check-In

Rently Keyless allows vacation rental guests to skip lengthy check-in processes and instantly access a vacation rental using a unique durational code input directly on a properties keyless entry locks! Managers get instantly notified when a guest checks in, and staff get piece of mind knowing that a booked guest arrived. Not to mention, vacation rental guests will be impressed by the ease of access.

Lower Energy Cost with Rently Keyless

Lower Energy Costs

Vacation rental owners are constantly concerned with the rising cost of utilities for lighting, heating and electricity. Rently Keyless allows managers and owners to integrate a suite of energy management tools including thermostat, lighting and energy monitoring to help reduce utility bills. Rently also allows managers to set custom rules, so that if a vacation rental is unoccupied, thermostats and lighting automatically shut off.

Control Access with Rently Keyless

Streamline Staff Access

Eliminate key based access for housekeepers, maintenance staff and managers by replacing key checkouts with unique staff codes. Managers can set unique codes on individual properties or entire groups with the click of a button. Managers can instantly enhance property security and see when staff arrive at a property.

Software Integration for Rently Keyless

Vacation Software Integration

Integrate with popular vacation rental software platforms to instantly automate bookings! Rently works with popular vacation rental software platforms like Homeaway, Escapia, V12, GladtoHaveYou and Streamline. Upon booking, guests automatically receive an email and a durational code. Guests can skip the front desk (and reduce your workload!) so they can start enjoying their vacation!

We’re pleased to partner with Rently, as eliminating keys gives our customers great flexibility in access control and renters enjoy the simplified process as well.

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