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Rently’s classic self-showing lockbox technology has been the industry go-to for close to a decade. Our smart lockbox provides unprecedented access to your vacant homes.

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Why choose the lockbox?

Rently has partnered with Sentri-Lock, an industry leader, to provide a durable, easy to use lockbox that will last for years. The box is weather resistant, holds a 5 year lithium battery, lights up, and does not require any wifi/bluetooth/or cellular connection to operate.

Increase Showings

You can finally be in two places at once! Focus on tasks in the office while letting Rently handle your showings. Extend showing hours and get more showings by letting prospects view properties after work and on weekends! After all, most prospects work during typical office hours.

Reduce Expenses

Save the time, money, & energy you spend on doing in-person showings. How often do renters not even show up? Or you get there, and the unit just isn’t a good fit for them? Using Rently, you will no longer waste time and money on unqualified showings. With the time you save, you can grow your business by taking on more properties to manage.

Lease Faster

The industry average to lease properties is 21-30 days. Rently has cut that down to a nationwide average of 7-10 days on the market. Maximize profits and lease faster with Rently!

Reduce your workload and grow your business

You won’t have to be present for every showing! Renters can handle it on their own. No more playing phone-tag with prospective renters. Our system will manage their experience until they’re ready to apply! No more lost opportunities from renters who decided they’d rather not come. Use Rently's automated self-showing process to increase efficiency and lease faster!

Expand your management territory! Distance is much less a factor when you’re not showing up in person. Anyone who is interested can view the property at the peak of their interest, without interrupting your busy schedule. This will help you take on further away properties and expand your management portfolio!

Rently Blue

The Rently Blue enterprise bluetooth lock provides bluetooth key and code based access to residents and managers. Rently Blue provides a valuable amenity for tenants but also dramatically improves the efficiency of the rental process by integrating with patented Rently self-showing software. Rently Blue installs easily on most residential doors, with no special tools required..

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We keep it simple with an all in one option.

Only $30 per lockbox per month with no required contracts, startup fees, or cancelation fees.

This includes the use of Rently’s SaaS platform

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