Qualify Renters Instantly - Rently

Qualify Renters Instantly

You won’t have to manage applications and request credit reports. The renter submits their information, and we handle the rest! We’ll immediately let you know if their credit score and financial history pass your standards.

Smart Recommendation - Rently

Smart Recommendation

Based upon your leasing requirements, we will help renters identify which which of your properties are right for them. They’ll receive recommendations while searching, and have an idea where they stand before they apply.

Communicate with Applicants - Rently

Communicate with Applicants

All lead information, including phone number and email, is available to you. After you review their qualifications, reach out directly to get that lease signed!

Qualified Leads - Rently

Qualified Leads

Whether or not they fill out an official application, we have renters build a profile based upon their financial history and income. This lets you instantly check if a lead is right for you! Better yet, if a renter has already filled out an application for another property but didn’t get the lease, they can port their information straight to you. See their full credit report without requiring them to pay for another application.

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