Rental Application

Accelerate Leasing with
3-in-1 Renter Screenings

Quickly Validate Renter Info
 with Rently Solutions

Streamline Your Workflow
Eliminate Fraud

Create a superior leasing experience for both managers and renters 
with expedited tenant screenings and enhanced security during the application process.

Rently’s Application Combines 3 Screening Steps

  • Renter ID Verification: confirms prospect identity using driver’s license and selfie
  • Renter Financial Verification: authenticates bank accounts; verifies income and employment data
  • Renter Credit Verification: connects to TransUnion for credit scores and criminal/eviction records.

With a Rently Application, you can rest assured that you are making this step 
of the leasing process as easy as possible for your prospective renters:

  • Saves renters time and money with a single residential application form for multiple homes managed by the same company.
  • Saves renters time and money with Rently's iQual (tm) feature that enables them to only tour homes that they are likely to qualify for.
  • Pre-fills up to 30% of renter data into leasing application.
  • Minimizes fraudulent renter applications.
  • Uses a credit score specifically created for the rental housing industry.
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading PMS, and custom systems.
  • Offers managers an optional analytics dashboard to review credit quality of current renters and/or a report for other local markets

Optimize Your Leasing with Rently's Smart Home Technology

Empower your property management teams with smart leasing tools 
that attract new residents, increase retention, and command higher rental premiums.

We create the best rental experience
in the world!

Rently is guided by the desire to streamline leasing activity, optimize property management, and create premier resident experiences. Thanks to our innovative, patented technology, we are the industry leader in self-guided tours and smart home technology.

Leasing Automation

With more than 16 million self tours completed to date and thousands of the best smart home devices deployed, Rently has the experience and product expertise to help single and multifamily operators optimize their entire leasing lifecycle with smart home technology.

We offer an “all-in-one” smart home technology platform that automates every phase of the leasing cycle – from self touring and agent-led tours of homes for rent, to move-in, to smart home residency and beyond.

Our solution includes an operational desktop dashboard that provides managers with oversight of all self-guided and agent-led touring activity, controls smart devices in each unit, and gathers portfolio, community, and unit-specific data. We help customers quickly expand their deployments and upgrade their properties, and we offer dedicated Client Success and Customer Care teams.

Rently is pleased that our self-guided and agent-led touring solutions make a positive impact on the leasing lifecycle. We are excited to support the real estate industry’s embrace of smart home technology, and we constantly dream and create new technology innovations for the rental housing market.

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