How It Works

Get Listed

Rently syndicates your properties to over 30 listing sites including Hotpads, Trulia and Zillow to drive Renter traffic. Have your own website? No problem! Integrate listings directly onto your website!

Along with syndicating to multiple listing sites, all of your vacant properties will be listed on at no additional cost!

Get Inquiries

Our autoresponder reduces inbound call volume and emails to allow renters to automatically schedule a showing using our patented self-showing platform.

Rently utilizes multiple points of security including credit card authentication, credential verification and artificial intelligence to ensure a secure showing.

Get Showings

Once registered, prospective renters, receive a one-time access code specific to your property.

Have a quality lead on the phone with you right now? You can issue an access code right from your computer.

We let you know as soon as someone walks into your property with our live alerts. After a showing is complete, renters receive a post-showing survey to provide managers real time feedback and analytics.

Benefits of Rently Self-Showing

Reduce Workload

You won’t have to be present for every showing! Renters can handle it on their own. Drive to a property just to check in, or for the rare agent-guided tour. No more playing phone-tag with prospective renters. Our system will manage their experience until they’re ready to apply! When you don’t have to be there, you can’t get stood up. No more lost opportunities from renters who decided they’d rather not come!

Grow your Business

Distance is much less a factor when you’re not showing up in person. You’ll only have to coordinate trips to collect a lease or perform interviews, and not a minute before! With our help listing on Rently and other syndication sites, more people than ever will find your properties. And since they can see it on their own, everyone who’s interested can take a look! When your schedule no longer limits showings, more people will be able to see the property. More feet in the door equals faster leasing!

Metrics and Analytics

You’re never in the dark with Rently. Each showing, survey, or inquiry gets captured by our system. See which properties are popular and which need a little more love. Want to know how your overall portfolio is performing? Export a data log to compare trends across days, weeks, or months. Generate and send your Owners reports from unique URLs so they can keep an up to date look at the number of leads, showings, and feedback in real time. Get an idea how your company is doing from our Data Dashboard, detailing all your data in one place, so you don’t have to go hunting for it anymore.

Software Integration

Good news! Work work with Great existing PM softwares. You won't have to duplicate data or completely migrate to a new system. Rently makes it easy to bring in listings and data from your existing CRM.

Automated Follow-Up

After each showing, we send every prospective renter a survey asking about their viewing, making it easy for you to find out how they feel about your property. Want to see trends on your properties? Aggregate feedback from multiple surveys to see how the general public views your properties. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Rently QuickApply, or your own leasing system. We will send it to your leads and get them to apply as soon as a showing is over!

Rently Orange Lockbox devices

Rently Lock Box

For property managers looking for a robust self-showing access solution, Rently provides the most durable and secure lock boxes available on the market. Rently lock boxes integrate with patented Rently self-showing software to market, list and show your vacant properties.. Rently lock boxes can easily be moved to new vacant properties without any additional charge!

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Rently Blue

The Rently Blue enterprise bluetooth lock provides bluetooth key and code based access to residents and managers. Rently Blue provides a valuable amenity for tenants but also dramatically improves the efficiency of the rental process by integrating with patented Rently self-showing software. Rently Blue installs easily on most residential doors, with no special tools required..

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