Give Codes Not Keys with Rently Blue

Now giving and receiving home access can be as simple as a push of a button! With the Rently Blue retrofit lock you’ll have everything you need to update your homes and simply your life. Each lock comes complete with our sleek hardware, Andriod and IOS utilization apps, and account support to help you secure your access in the most modern of ways!

Enhanced Renter Experience

Renters will never need a locksmith or copy of another key! With Rently Blue renters can enter the home with a touch of a keypad and create unlimited codes for guests and visitors making hiding keys a thing of the past! Even better, your renter and home will always have increased security with our timed re-lock feature— because some days are harder to keep track!

Accessibility Made Simple

Now you can do more from anywhere! With Rently Blue managers can provide lock and unlock codes to guests, renters, and staff directly via text without meeting to exchange keys or manually reset codes. Software owners can also view and download activity logs to monitor who’s coming and going with specific access codes.

Install a Rently Blue

How simple is it to install our Rently Blue lock? Check out our video to learn more or download the PDF manual below!

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Benefits of Our Bluetooth Locks

Security Benefits

Rently Blue takes the stress out of managing a home from afar. With the Bluetooth lock you can send and recieve access without a physical key, wifi, or internet!

Managers can also set durational codes to make sure visitors never overstay their welcome and tenants never overstay their lease.

Easy Install and maintenance

Our Rently Blue lock fits most standard residental doors and can be installed by anyone so you never have to worry about paying or setting aside time for an install team.

And we’ve designed our Rently Blue hardware to run on standard AA batteries for minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Smart and Seamless

Rently Blue integrates directly with our Self Showing Technology to give you all of the data and automation perks you’ve come to love! Just link the smart home device to our Rently platform and begin tracking your listings and rentals together on the Data Dashboard.

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