Single Family Self-Guided Tours

Let prospective renters instantly and securely self-tour a vacant property without an agent present.

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Single Family Operators using Rently
  • American Homes For Rent
  • Redfin
  • Progress Residential
  • Firstkey Homes
  • Mainstreet Renewal
  • Roofstock
  • Conrex
  • Mynd
  • National Home Rentals
  • Imagine Homes 1

How do Rently self-guided tours work?

Our advanced self-touring technology allows a prospective renter to securely tour a vacant unit without the presence of an agent. Prospects find your listing and register for our system online. Our security system vets the prospect's ID, selfie, and credit card, and performs an AI-powered fraud detection screening. Once approved, the prospective renter will receive a one-time entry code to gain access into the property.

You sign up with Rently
We ship your access devices to you
You install the devices on your property
Rently syndicates your listings to the major Internet Listing Sites (Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, etc.)
Rently responds to inquiries for you and guides prospects to register for a self-guided tour
Once verified, prospects tour your property with a one-time access code

Why use Rently?


Renters can tour when it works for them, and property managers can save time and money.


Every prospect is verified with a government ID, selfie, credit card, and AI authentication before they ever receive a code.


Our Customer Care team is standing by 7 days a week to help prospects set up their account and complete their self-guided tour.

By the numbers

Renters visit every single month
Self-guided tours completed every month
Percentage of tours that occur 5pm-8pm
Our app's average rating.
Renters love our platform!

What do renters think?

Rently app review Apr 17, 2019

Joshua T.

Love this app... wish more properties used this. it's nice to not be bothered with agents and feel rushed to look at apartments. also being able to look at an apartment on your own time is really nice as well.

Rently app review Mar 23, 2018

Justin S.

Honestly I thought this was a scam at first but it turned out to be one of the most valuable tools we had when we were searching for a house to rent. This super convenient service and easy to use app is essential if you’re looking for a place to rent right now.

Rently app review Jun 05, 2019


I love this app! I love that it allows us to view multiple homes in one day rather than having to schedule with a bunch of different agents and meet them on different days. It also allows us to go after business hours so my husband doesn’t miss work...

Rently app review Mar 07, 2020

David M.

Works as described so far. Easy to use and lets you give feedback. Makes it easier IMHO to see a place at your leisure especially if you have odd work hours.

Rently app review Sep 30, 2019

Vikki J.

I was very leery about this new self-guided tour thing where you pay a fee to get the key and then replace the key in the box when you are done. I'm so glad I got over that fear. This has been the best experience of my life looking for a home. The app works like a dream, and it's not- I repeat- it is not a scam. If you're looking for a home, don't be afraid to give this…

Rently app review Jan 21, 2020

Ajah N.

I really like this app. It’s super easy to manage and with mine and my roommate schedule, ‘this app allows us to house shopping at OUR convenience! No one even needs to be there to let us in because with a short phone call, we can let ourselves in! We love it, and as soon as we find our perfect home we’ll come back and let you know. But for now - this app is totally worth it!!

Single Family Self-Touring Features

Flexible Hardware

Rently self-touring works with all of our device options to fit the specific needs of your property. Choose from smart lockboxes, bluetooth keyless locks, or Rently Smart Home enabled keyless locks.


Rently syndicates your properties to the web's most popular listing sites like Zillow, Zumper, and

Inquiry Auto-Responder

Once a prospect inquires about your property, Rently automatically responds to them with a link to schedule a self-guided tour.

Renter Support

Prospective renters receive chat, email, and AI support if they need help with their tour.

Manager Portal

Easily manage your self-guided tours for your entire portfolio in our easy-to-use manager portal.

Agent Scheduler

Schedule and manage agent led tours for your properties that you don't have activated for self-guided tours.

Single Family Self-Touring Benefits

Optimize Leasing Process Rently
Save Time and Money

No longer spend time driving across town to get to your showings, and say goodbye to no-shows. By offering self-guided tours, you can grow your portfolio and expand your territory.

Rently Save Time And Money
Optimize Your Leasing Process

Extend your showing hours and capture tours you wouldn't have been able to before. More tours means less time on market.

Rently Super Agents
Turn Your Agents into Super Agents

Do more with less by offloading the mundane tasks associated with scheduling and showing properties, and focus on signing leases and growing your business.

Hardware Options

We offer a full suite of access devices to fit your specific needs. Mix and match to utilize what device works best for each of your properties.
Rently Smart Lockbox

The smart lockbox is our entry level self-touring device with its flexibility and ease of deployment. No wifi required.

Portable and easy to deploy
No installation required
5 year lithium ion battery
Bluetooth Enabled Keyless Lock

The smarter keyless deadbolt replaces keys with codes. Can be used during vacancy and for resident access. No hub or wifi required.

Eliminate Key Management
3 Ways to Access: Fob, Code, and Bluetooth unlock
BHMA/ANSI Grade 2 Certified Lock
Smart Home Devices
Rently Smart Home

Rently Smart Home offers complete remote control of your assets with our full suite of z-wave enabled smart devices. No wifi required.

Integrate with locks from Yale and Kwikset
Added resident amenity you can charge for

Trusted and Certified Security

Rently upholds the highest security standards with regards to access control and self-touring technology. Starting in 2011 with authentication, we have evolved the platform to incorporate 6 layers of prospect security. Rently is also an ISO 27001 certified company and we commit to providing the best information security possible.

Sign Up
Credit Card Authentication
Government ID Verification
Live Selfie
AI Review
Manual Review
Cellular Verification
Our Security Partners
  • Authorize Net
  • Trustwave
  • Zacco
  • Iso 27001
  • Ccpa

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