4 Ways Rently’s Real Estate Showing Service Ensures Safety

4 Ways Rently’s Real Estate Showing Service Ensures Safety

As a real estate property manager, you put yourself at risk every day —it’s just not something we talk about regularly. The day-to-day tasks of real estate, from meeting new clients to showing properties, letting strangers in your car, and even marketing yourself online, open property managers up to a wealth of situations that could jeopardize their personal safety. But, that’s all changing!

Enter Rently, the industry’s premier real estate showing service, which enables property managers to allow self-service showings of their vacant properties to verified potential tenants. Here are just a few of the ways that Rently’s real estate showing service ensures property manager safety:

You’re Only Letting Verified Renters Inside

Rently’s real estate showing service was created with improved security in mind. With Rently, renters must register online with a valid credit card and are only given one-time access when they are at the property. This not only helps weed out lookie-loos or those simply looking to case the property for a future break-in, but helps to ensure that the renter is actually serious about looking for a rental.

What’s more, Rently constantly monitors activity logs to make sure your properties are secure, and reports are available to property managers so owners can feel confident in the process.

You’re Mitigating Property Damage

With over 4 million check-ins nationwide (and growing), we’ve never had a serious case of a renter using Rently to cause damage to a property. We won’t lie, property management is often about mitigating risk, and the best way to mitigate exposure to risk is to get a renter in the property with a signed lease —but that’s not always possible.

We use the same precautions as the car rental or hotel industries —taking a valid credit card and verifying that their SmartPhone so the renter is on the hook for any damage done during a self-showing. This means the system polices itself, because your renters are looking to keep their credit in tact, which means being responsible.

If there is an incident of any kind, you are able to report it directly to your Rently Client Success Manager for resolution. We have your back.

You Don’t Need to Meet (or Drive Around) Strangers

Self-service showings are growing in popularity across the country, and it’s not just because they fulfill the potential tenant’s need for instant gratification. Property managers love the added security and safety that comes from not having to meet strangers at vacant properties or drive them around on a tour of properties.

The National Association of Realtors® suggests that you should always meet new clients at your office so colleagues know who you’re meeting with. They also suggest that you take a copy of the person’s driver’s license for added precaution prior to putting them in your car for a tour. These are great steps to take, but they do not mitigate the risk quite like a self-service showing.

You’ve Got Eyes on Who’s In and Out

When you use Rently’s real estate showing service, you also have the added security of knowing who goes in the property, and when. Rently will send you a real-time email with the name and number of the prospective renter as they check-in to see your property. Additionally, you can always log back into the Rently management portal to view detailed activity logs for each property you have listed with Rently.

Get to Know the Premier Real Estate Showing Service

With all this technology available to property managers, why risk your safety? Learn more about Rently’s real estate showing service by browsing our website and blog, and don’t hesitate to connect with a member of our team today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How Rental Property Management Companies Can Use Rently

How Rental Property Management Companies Can Use Rently

Whether you’re a solo-show property manager, one of the biggest property management companies in the country, or anywhere in between, there are a number of ways that you can use Rently to streamline and optimize your real estate business. Designed with you in mind, Rently is a real estate lockbox company that has made self-service showings a reality in all 50 states.

Here are just a few of the ways that rental property management companies (and the solo-show property manager) can use Rently:

To Save Time and Money

In the real estate business, time IS money! With Rently, rental property management companies can save valuable time and money by implementing self-service showings that allow potential renters to view properties without the property manager present.

Not only does this save the manager’s time and travel expenses, but it allows potential renters to quickly and easily access the property —thus allowing the to make faster decisions.

To Have More Showings with Less Effort

Rently also allows rental property management companies to syndicate their listings to a number of websites —including,, and Not only will this syndication promote and market your listings with ease, it will direct potential renters through the self-service showing process using Rently lockboxes.

This means more showings with less effort for property managers and companies alike. And, who doesn’t love that?

To Let Renters View Listings on Their Own

We all know that no two days in real estate are ever the same. Property managers are busy handling everything from maintenance issues to collecting rent and screening tenants. But, with Rently, one of the most time-consuming tasks of property management — the showing process— is streamlined.

With the Rently lockbox, potential renters can view listings on their own. Gone are the days of cancelling meetings to run across town only to find out a potential renter didn’t show. No longer do you have to waste time with looky-loos who have no intention of actually renting the property. Stay at the office, let renters view the property on their own, and get real-time alerts about who is viewing the property and when.

Rently’s system securely allows verified potential renters to view properties at their convenience, eliminating one of the biggest hassles of the property management field.

To Beat Out the Competition

The true power of Rently lies in its ability to leverage technology and time-management to beat out the competition; and for rental property management companies, this is vital. While your competition is fielding phone calls and working to schedule and reschedule showings, property management companies that utilize Rently can quickly and easily allow verified renters access to the rentals they’re interested in.

They can view the property, make decisions and rent the property —all in less time than traditional showing process.

To Make Property Owners Happy

Any property manager will tell you that keeping your clients happy is paramount. With Rently, managers have access to lead reporting they can share with their owner clients to demonstrate the activity on the listing. Not only will your property owners be happy that you’re utilizing the latest lockbox technology, they’ll also be thrilled that you can share accurate and real-time statistics on showings.

Can you do that with a traditional lockbox?

To Manage More Rentals

When property managers free themselves from the chains of in-person showings, they can spend more time on securing, marketing and renting properties. This allows rental property management companies to optimize their time and manage more rentals. Need more proof? Check out some of our testimonials.

Getting Started with Rently

Whether you’re a rental property management company or a single agent, we invite you to learn more about how Rently can improve and optimize your business. Feel free to explore our blog for more great content on lockbox services, and connect with us today to get started. We’re just a phone call away and look forward to hearing from you soon!

7 Useful Real Estate Lockbox Features Provided by Rently

7 Useful Real Estate Lockbox Features Provided by Rently

Real estate lockboxes have been a staple of the industry for as long as many of us can remember, yet during that time there has been little innovation. At Rently, we’re ready to change that. We’re taking this truly antiquated real estate technology and are bringing it into the 21st century.

Rently works by facilitating self-service showings for vacant properties. Property managers can use Rently-enabled lockboxes at their properties, which allows potential renters to instantly and securely access properties at their convenience.

Rently Real Estate Lockbox Features

The best part? It’s not all fluff. Here are 7 really useful real estate lockbox features provided by Rently that help property managers lease their units faster:

Self-Service Showing Capabilities

Property managers know that when a potential renter calls to inquire about a property, it’s likely to either get more information or schedule a showing. With Rently, managers can streamline the process and tackle more incoming leads and showings.

These are a few of the self-service features that Rently offers property managers:

  • Access Monitoring: the property manager can receive real-time alerts as soon as a qualified renter views the property.
  • Automated Showings: renters can register to see the property directly on the manager’s website, advertisements or yard sign.
  • Controlled Access: property managers can easily text access instructions to qualified prospects.

Easy Online Integration

Rently easily integrates with online listing service websites like® and Zillow, as well as the property manager’s own website. This integration ensures that no matter where a potential tenant finds a property online, they’ll receive instructions on how to set up a self-service showing at their convenience.

Smart Signage

To encourage drive-by traffic to learn more about the property manager’s listing, managers can receive professional real estate riders for each of their properties. These “smart signs” are smartphone enabled, which allow potential renters to learn more about the property on-the-spot, and schedule a self-service showing —right from the front yard!

Secure Access

Perhaps one of the most important real estate lockbox features is the secure access that Rently provides. Property managers are able to control when each potential renter is allowed to access a property, and every renter receives a unique, one-time code that is good for one hour only.

In addition, the property manager (and their owner clients) can have peace of mind when prospects place their credit card information on file. Rently’s secure PCI compliant servers weed out stole and prepaid cards for even more added security.

Notifications and Feedback

Another important real estate lockbox feature? Instant notifications. Rently users are able to receive real-time alerts when potential tenants enter the property, which allows them to talk to their prospects as soon as they’re on site.

Similarly, Rently features automatic post viewing surveys that allow managers to get feedback from renters about each viewing. This information can be quite valuable to property managers who can use the feedback to improve the property and/or its marketing.

Lightweight CRM

Because Rently allows property managers to increase the volume of their showings, it’s important to keep track of all these new prospects in one handy place. Rently’s prospect CRM is a real estate lockbox feature that allows managers to view contact information, add notes, assign agents and add contact prospects at a glance — all on one screen.

Detailed Owner Reports

With all this talk about property managers and prospective tenants, it’s important to remember that it’s the property owners who really want their properties leased. How can property managers show the owner all the effort and activity that’s happening at the property?

The charts and reports feature of Rently is the answer. Managers can view and export activity logs on every property —including time stamps, feedback and contact information. What’s more, they can easily pull reports for owners and it’s easily exported into Excel for more detailed tracking and reporting.

Explore Rently Today

Have more questions about how Rently works for property managers? Be sure to connect with our team today, or feel free to browse our FAQ for Managers section of this website.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to manage a higher volume of properties and leads —or simply want to be on the cutting edge of real estate lockbox technology— we’d love to help you get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon!