8 Ways to Integrate Real Estate Showing Software

8 Ways to Integrate Real Estate Showing Software

Integrating a real estate showing software is a great way for rental property managers and companies to streamline their business, save valuable time and money, and boost their business. But, not all real estate showing software programs are the same! It’s important for real estate professionals to thoroughly vet any new software to ensure that it will benefit their business in a positive way.

Rently, the premier real estate lockbox service, is designed with real estate professionals in mind. Using Sentrilock lockboxes and banking-level encryption technology, Rently’s real estate showing software allows potential renters to view rental properties without the physical presence of a property manager. This not only gives renters instant gratification, it frees up the valuable time of property managers.

If you’re thinking about integrating a real estate showing software, here are a few ways to do it successfully:

Weigh Your Options

As mentioned above, always be sure to weigh your options to ensure you find the real estate showing software that best suits the needs of yourself or your rental property management company. If you’re part of a company, consider putting together a group of agents that will be responsible for reviewing the features and benefits of each platform.

Request a Demo

Once you’ve found a few real estate showing software companies you’re interested in, be sure to request a demo to gain a better understanding of how the product truly works. This will help you envision the different ways that you can use the product.

Ensure it Works with Other Systems

Integration with other platforms is important in the real estate business. Rently, for example, allows you to import properties from platforms like Yardi, Appfolio, Propertyware and Buildium to name a few. It also allows you to syndicate your listings to a number of the industry’s leading sites, including,, and others.

Commit to the Implement

Technology is only useful if we commit to implementing it and using it. We have to give it a chance. When you select a real estate showing software that will work for you, be sure to take the time to implement it with care and make the commitment to put it into practice. This is particularly important if you’re implementing a new software throughout your entire office.

Encourage Adoption

This step is particularly important for rental property management companies or teams of agents who are working together to manage their properties. You must encourage adoption of the technology by your team members. This can be done by offering support (the next step), by offering incentives for implementation, or by having team training on the new product.

Offer Support and Training

Even the easiest technology can seem overwhelming to a busy real estate professional. But, if you’re a real estate property management company, be sure to take the time to offer support and training on the new product. When you do, you’ll find that your team will be more apt to utilize the software.

Request Feedback

As with all technologies that you implement, always ask your team —and your clients— for their feedback. How is it working? What have been the results? Can you benefit from additional features? With Rently, we offer a host of additional features that help make our real estate showing software a complete one-stop package.

Make it Fun

Lastly, make it fun! Gamification is a great way to encourage the adoption of technology throughout your property management company —by creating games, incentives and fun ways to encourage team members to participate.

Get More Rental Showings with Rently

If you’re thinking about implementing a real estate showing software to boost your business, we encourage you to browse the Rently website and to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always just a phone call away and look forward to showing you how Rently can increase your business with less effort and time. Learn more today!

4 Ways Rently’s Real Estate Showing Service Ensures Safety

4 Ways Rently’s Real Estate Showing Service Ensures Safety

As a real estate property manager, you put yourself at risk every day —it’s just not something we talk about regularly. The day-to-day tasks of real estate, from meeting new clients to showing properties, letting strangers in your car, and even marketing yourself online, open property managers up to a wealth of situations that could jeopardize their personal safety. But, that’s all changing!

Enter Rently, the industry’s premier real estate showing service, which enables property managers to allow self-service showings of their vacant properties to verified potential tenants. Here are just a few of the ways that Rently’s real estate showing service ensures property manager safety:

You’re Only Letting Verified Renters Inside

Rently’s real estate showing service was created with improved security in mind. With Rently, renters must register online with a valid credit card and are only given one-time access when they are at the property. This not only helps weed out lookie-loos or those simply looking to case the property for a future break-in, but helps to ensure that the renter is actually serious about looking for a rental.

What’s more, Rently constantly monitors activity logs to make sure your properties are secure, and reports are available to property managers so owners can feel confident in the process.

You’re Mitigating Property Damage

With over 4 million check-ins nationwide (and growing), we’ve never had a serious case of a renter using Rently to cause damage to a property. We won’t lie, property management is often about mitigating risk, and the best way to mitigate exposure to risk is to get a renter in the property with a signed lease —but that’s not always possible.

We use the same precautions as the car rental or hotel industries —taking a valid credit card and verifying that their SmartPhone so the renter is on the hook for any damage done during a self-showing. This means the system polices itself, because your renters are looking to keep their credit in tact, which means being responsible.

If there is an incident of any kind, you are able to report it directly to your Rently Client Success Manager for resolution. We have your back.

You Don’t Need to Meet (or Drive Around) Strangers

Self-service showings are growing in popularity across the country, and it’s not just because they fulfill the potential tenant’s need for instant gratification. Property managers love the added security and safety that comes from not having to meet strangers at vacant properties or drive them around on a tour of properties.

The National Association of Realtors® suggests that you should always meet new clients at your office so colleagues know who you’re meeting with. They also suggest that you take a copy of the person’s driver’s license for added precaution prior to putting them in your car for a tour. These are great steps to take, but they do not mitigate the risk quite like a self-service showing.

You’ve Got Eyes on Who’s In and Out

When you use Rently’s real estate showing service, you also have the added security of knowing who goes in the property, and when. Rently will send you a real-time email with the name and number of the prospective renter as they check-in to see your property. Additionally, you can always log back into the Rently management portal to view detailed activity logs for each property you have listed with Rently.

Get to Know the Premier Real Estate Showing Service

With all this technology available to property managers, why risk your safety? Learn more about Rently’s real estate showing service by browsing our website and blog, and don’t hesitate to connect with a member of our team today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

5 Reasons Why Rently is the Premier Real Estate Lockbox Rental Service

5 Reasons Why Rently is the Premier Real Estate Lockbox Rental Service

It’s not everyday that we toot our own horn —but, our real estate lockbox rental service wins the praise of both real estate property managers and potential renters alike. Designed with today’s renters property managers in mind, Rently makes the process of previewing rental properties infinitely easier.

Quickly becoming the norm, Rently’s self-service showings empower the renter to securely access and view properties they’re interested in without the physical presence of the property manager.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Rently is the premier real estate lockbox rental service:

#1. Renters Love It

When renters search online for properties and finally find the one, the most frustrating thing is having to wait to schedule an appointment with the property manager. We live in a world of instant gratification and, with a few taps on the smartphone, Rently allows renters to view the property on their time —without the property manager.

#2. Property Managers Get More Leads

With Rently, every day is an open house. Property managers are able to have more viewings of their rentals because they are no longer constrained by the demands of their schedules. Weekends, holidays, even after hours … Rently allows the property manager to better service their clients (the property owners) by allowing the maximum number of showings possible.

#3. Everyone Saves Time

Everyone wins when we’re working more efficiently and effectively. With Rently’s real estate lockbox service, renters save valuable time not having to wait on a property manager’s response and schedule. Property managers also shave time off their routine by no longer having to meet potential renters at the property —or worse, “lookie loos” or no-shows. It’s a win-win situation for all.

#4. Deals Get Done Faster

Because more leads are able to be handled and there’s no waiting around or scheduling of appointments, Rently allows property managers to shorten the leasing cycle. Potential renters have faster access to the properties and they can make their decisions quicker. In turn, property managers are able to reduce the property’s time on market.

#5. More Properties Can Be Juggled

When property managers use Rently’s real estate lockbox service, they can list and manage more properties. Because the manager is saving valuable time that was once used for physically showing the properties, they’re now able to spend that time gaining new business. What’s more, prospective clients looking to list their vacant rentals with a property manager are more likely to select a property manager who has the technology in place to rent their properties faster!

Explore Rently’s Real Estate Lockbox Service

So, how does this great technology work? Property managers sign up for Rently’s real estate lockbox service, which allows potential renters to view vacant listings without the property manager. The renter must agree to terms and conditions, as well as provide their credit card information for a $0.99 charge, before being sent a unique code allowing them to access the keys and enter the property. It quick, secure and super convenient!

Whether you’re a property manager or potential renter, we encourage you to learn more about how Rently works. It’s a win-win all around and both renters and property managers can benefit from using Rently’s services. Want to know more? Connect with us today!