Common Questions by Renters

To reset your password go to and click on Renter Sign In. Click on Forgot Password and enter the number you used to register on Rently. A link will be texted so that you can reset your password. If you forgot the number you used to register you may create a new renter account to see properties. 

After you register, you may view up to 20 properties via Rently’s self show check in process. After you have reached your limit you may contact the property manager to schedule a in person showing.

Renter accounts remain active for 30 days. After 30 days the account will automatically be deleted. There is no need to contact support to delete your account as the process is automatic. You may register again after your account expires to see additional properties. 

Rently charges a one time 99 cent account verification fee on the system. This is a one time charge and there are no recurring fees on Rently. Rently does not charge renters any other fee other than this 99 cent account verification fee. Once processed, you may view up to 20 properties using Rently’s self showing check in process. 

You can call the manager to obtain a one time code over the phone or call Rently technical support at (888) 340-6340 for help registering on your smartphone.

If you have vacancy specific questions call the manager listed on The manager will be able to answer your questions about the property and help you with your rental application. Only submit rental applications to the property manager listed on

Remember to fill out the questionnaire so the property manager knows your interested in applying. The questionnaire is emailed and text after you view a property.

You should make sure the lights are off, the door is locked, and return the key. Press the check-out button to confirm you’ve completed the process.

Fill out the questionnaire to let the property manager know if you’re interested in applying.

Simply scan the QR code for the vacancy or go to on your smartphone browser. You’ll be asked to register, agree to terms, and put your credit card on file with a 99 cent charge to view the vacancy. With a registered account you can then head out to the property and upon arrival will be given a one time code on your smartphone to access the key. You may also register online or on your smartphone before arriving at the property and complete the check in process upon arrival. 

Check the availability status in the Property Details section to see if the property is rent ready.

You can register on your smartphone browser at Alternatively, you can call the property manager to obtain a viewing code over the phone. In both scenarios, you will be viewing the property on your own and accessing the key upon arrival at the property.