Student Housing

Building Access

Automate Move-Ins/Outs
with Smart Home Technology


Optimize The Student Living Experience

From vacancy, through residency, to property turnover, Rently's smart home solutions enhance all leasing activities for both students and managers.

Rently’s Complete Solution

Our all-in-one solution allows student housing operators to provide best-in-class living experiences for their current and future residents while optimizing building safety with smart access solutions.

  • Please tech-savvy students
  • Streamline Move-In/Out
  • Achieve ESG initiatives and control utility costs
  • Satisfy parents with enhanced security features
  • Manage property access
  • Single, easy-to-use platform

Smart Home Adds Value for
Student Housing Communities

Smart home technology is quickly becoming a standard amenity in student housing nationwide. Tech-savvy students prefer units with smart devices, such as smart locks and smart thermostats.

  • Smart thermostats save 30% in annual utility costs
  • Smart leak sensors can save between 70-90% in water damage expenses.
  • Smart home technology can lower insurance premiums by 20%

Student Housing Features

  • Access Control

    Use smart home technology 
to enable self-guided tours
 and control access to vacant 
or occupied properties.

  • Smart Monitoring

    Receive real-time alerts of suspicious activity and monitor your property with motion sensors and doorbell cameras.

  • Damage Prevention

    Add leak sensors and smoke/CO detectors to prevent costly property damage before it occurs.

  • Energy Management

    Reduce utility usage up to 20% annually with smart thermostats, smart light switches, and smart outlets.

  • Remote Management

    Control smart home devices 
and manage properties 
from anywhere in the world 
using our app or desktop portal.

  • Installation Support

    Receive full-coverage installation support that includes automated tools, a network of technicians, and white glove service.


Optimize your leasing with Rently's Smart Home Technology

Empower your property management teams with smart leasing tools 
that attract new residents, increase retention, and command higher rental premiums.

We create the best rental experience
in the world!

Rently is guided by the desire to streamline leasing activity, optimize property management, and create premier resident experiences. We have innovated our patented technology to become the industry leader in self-guided tours and smart home technology.

With 4,000+ property operators deploying our smart home devices, Rently has the experience and product expertise to help student housing operators streamline building access and optimize their entire resident lifecycle with smart home technology.

We offer an “all-in-one” smart home technology platform that enables automated move-ins/outs and enhances every phase of the resident cycle.

Our solution includes an operational desktop dashboard that provides managers with oversight of all smart property access activity, controls smart devices in each unit, and gathers portfolio, community, and unit-specific data. We help customers quickly expand their deployments and upgrade their properties with the support of dedicated Client Success and Customer Care teams.

Rently is pleased that our smart technology solutions make a positive impact on the everyday lives of students and property managers. We are excited to support the student housing industry’s embrace of smart home technology, and we constantly dream and create new technology innovations for rental housing of all asset types.

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