Maximize Tenancy Rates, Efficiency & Profitability

Best-in-class leasing automation services and smart home solutions so your team can lease faster, secure your properties, streamline operations, and increase NOI — all from one platform.


An Easy Way To Optimize Every Phase of the Leasing Lifecycle

Rently Smart Leasing is an "all-in-one” leasing automation platform designed to optimize every phase of the leasing lifecycle and renter journey – from vacancy, to move-in, to smart home residency and beyond. Experience the power of Rently to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your leasing operations today!

Whether seeking to find new renter leads, increase security, reduce operating costs, or increase rental revenue, Rently has a tailored solution for owners and property managers, like you. Mix and match Rently products to meet your specific requirements. Single Family Rental and Multifamily specific options available.


Vacancy Advertising

Expand your marketing efforts with Rently Reach. Make it easy for prospective renters to find your available properties on our exclusive ILS, Rently Listings, and other popular listing sites with automated syndication.

  • Increases traffic to your properties by 25%
  • Pre-screening & stringent identity verification process matches renters to properties they most likely qualify for
  • million visitors & powers 4+ million self-guided tours annually

Lead Management

The Rently platform automates tour scheduling and reduces 90% of the repetitive leasing tasks to nurture leads, saving valuable staff time and reducing no-shows, while increasing lead engagement.

  • Save valuable time, about 30-mins per requested showing (50 hours saved for every 100 showings)
  • Increase lead engagement with personalized/custom SMS messages 
  • Receive higher quality and better converting leads with our lead verification service, Verified Renter
  • Connect your agents’ calendars to auto-schedule convenient Agent-led tours 
Single Family Self-Guided Tour | Leasing

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided tours allow prospects to schedule a convenient tour time and view properties on their own, at their preferred day and time, safely and securely. Accommodate all renters’ touring preferences: 83% of renters say they would want to take self-guided tours and 42% of renters prefer to view properties outside of regular business hours.

  • Increase property tours by 25% & reduce time on market by 75%
  • Exclusive lead verification service, Verified Renter, gives you peace of mind knowing only trustworthy leads who have passed a stringent identity verification are visiting your properties
  • Extend the reach of your leasing team - be open for self-guided tours on the weekends without requiring on-site staff support

Smart Home Technology

Rently Smart Home is a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge smart home technology solutions designed to connect and secure your properties while elevating the residence experience, simplifying operations, and increasing your NOI.

  • Use smart devices for community-wide access control, proactive security monitoring, more efficient energy management, damage prevention, and automated work orders
  • Increase ancillary revenue, resident satisfaction, and retention
  • Improve security and appeal to residents’ desire for security devices
  • Meet smart tech resident demand. By 2025, 57% of renters will be looking for properties with smart home technology
Man gains access to Multifamily rental via Smart Home Remote Property Access
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