About Rently

Rently is a smart home and self-guided touring hardware and software provider. Our all-in-one solution allows real estate operators to provide best-in-class touring and living experiences for their current and future residents while optimizing their leasing efficiency and expanding revenue opportunities.

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About us

Founded in 2011, Rently is an enterprise smart home technology provider that invented self-guided touring for rental properties. We believe the process of finding and living in a new home should be hassle-free and intuitive for a renter and efficient for the landlord. With Rently’s patented self-guided touring solution and our full suite of smart home technology, we focus on all the frustrating parts of managing an asset so you don’t have to. By using Rently, renters can tour a single family home or multifamily apartment on their schedule, move in/out, and control their smart home devices all with just the phone in their pocket. Meanwhile, property managers can remotely control access, manage energy, monitor activity, and prevent damage without ever having to leave their office. 

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The Rently Story

Founded in 2011, our founders recognized that for decades, renters have faced the issue of finding time in their schedules to tour a vacant property that also worked within the leasing staff’s schedule. They saw the opportunity to create a more efficient and effective touring process that benefits both the renters and real estate operators.

Our founders innovated to provide a hassle-free platform where the newly introduced self-touring process could happen, the Rently Smart Lockbox. Building on their success, our founders set in motion to create more platforms that would allow for greater access to self-touring and smart living. 

After almost 10 years of R&D, we are the only company to provide a full “Street-to-suite” set of solutions.  With our international team of experts and engineers and a keen ear to what our clients need, Rently has been able to successfully launch smart locks, smart home and IoT technology, and other products to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.  From advanced smart home products to lead qualification tools, Rently continues to innovate and revolutionize the residential rental leasing process.

Our values

We recognize the colossal impact that company values can have in every aspect of a company. Therefore, when we were deliberating on what our company values were, we set about asking ourselves why we believe what we believe. Questioning leads to deeper discussion on why we are doing what we are doing and what we are trying to accomplish. Rently strives to present these values in all interactions between employees, partners, clients, and customers.

Ico Value
One Rently

Across departments and regions, we are one team. All ideas are heard and we listen regardless of job title. We help each other and support everyone's achievements. When Rently succeeds, we all succeed.

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Growth Minded

We were born out of and revolve around innovation. We constantly dream and create new products and processes. We also recognize that we are lifelong students and there is always something new to learn.

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We take pride in delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers. We strive to provide lasting value to our customers and colleagues. We invest in our employees and develop their talent.

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We operate with integrity. We are honest and keep our word. We seek to understand and collaborate free of judgment. Even in disagreement, we recognize the value in different perspectives.

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Customer Centric

We partner with our customers to provide solutions that fit their needs. We include customer feedback every step of the way and use it to guide our decisions. We take pride in providing best-in-class service that exceeds expectations.

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We challenge assumptions and find new ways to do things. We empower colleagues to take creative approaches to problem-solving and to speak up when they have found a more efficient way to achieve goals. We maintain our quality of work while remaining a lean and agile company.

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Corporate HQ

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