8 of The Best Date-Night-In Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Memories With The Perfect At-Home Date

It’s that time of year again – pink and red candies have been cropping up in every store, and thoughts of Cupid are and his magical heart-shaped bow are in the air.

Of course, the expectations for St. Valentine’s Day can come with quite the hefty price tag. According to CNN, it’s estimated that US Valentine’s Day spending hit nearly $20 billion dollars last year – including everything from chocolates to roses, stuffed teddy bears to valentine’s date-night-outs.

If you’re not traveling to a romantic location (or just looking to make some unique memories with your SO), we’ve compiled some of our very favorite date-night-in ideas that’ll make this Valentine’s Day your very best yet for both you and your wallet!

1. Make Your Own Pizza

Both fun and delicious, make-your-own pizza is a great way to kick off an at-home date night! Challenge each other to come up with the most creative pizzas with categories like “most heart-shaped pizza”. Even if it doesn’t turn out quite right, it’ll still be delicious!

2. Bob Ross Wine and Painting Night

There’s nothing quite like sharing the magic of painting genius Bob Ross with your loved one. Step it up with a glass of wine and some paint of your own. You’ll both have the perfect date night, as well as some art to show for it!

3. Enjoy takeout-by-candlelight

Who said candlelit dinner had to be fancy? Have fun ordering your very favorite takeout meals and setting a romantic scene with candles galore.

4. Have a super yummy fondue night

We’re of the opinion that one can never have too much chocolate (or cheese, if you and your Valentine are more into cheese fondue). Sweeten up your date night with some dippable fresh fruit or pound cake. Just remember to buy the right melting chocolate!

5. Breakfast for dinner in bed

Make an already pretty romantic gesture even better by having breakfast in bed… for valentine’s day dinner! While we could go on forever about how wonderful breakfast food is, the real win is getting to share your favorite breakfast foods with your loved one without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

6. Play cooperative games

For couples looking to do a little team building, there’s nothing better than a good cooperative game! Work together with your SO to solve problems, save kingdoms, and set high score records. Of course, if you’re more of a competitive couple, there’s always potential relationship-enders like Monopoly or Mario Party.

7. Set up an in-home picnic

While it might be a little cold for a picnic in the heart of February, it’s never too cold to set up a little picnic spot in the living room! Grab your favorite picnic blanket, a basket full of goodies, and a bottle of your favorite beverage to create a super romantic evening without ever having to go outside.

8. Build an epic fort together

When is the last time you built a fort? Not some wimpy one-blanket contraption – a serious, every-single-pillow-in-the-house kind of fort? Relive childhood dreams with your Valentine by making the most epic blanket and pillow fort in the comfort of your living room!

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5 Organization Tips To Make Your 2019 Stress-Free

Get Spring Cleaning Started Early!

The first month of the new year has just about come and gone. Resolutions have been made (and broken), folks are still detoxing from the craziness of the holidays, and everyone is looking to find ways to make their 2019 as stress-free as possible. And when it comes to stress-free, why not start at home?

That’s why we’ve put together five of our favorite top organization tips to help you get the new year started right!

Start small

When it comes to organization, it’s easy to get stumped just thinking about the sheer amount that you have to do. Even if you’ve got a small space, you’ve got to account for the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom – and all of the nooks and crannies in each of those rooms, too! Before you panic, don’t worry. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in the same vein, you don’t have to tackle all of your organizational needs at once. In fact, starting small is a great way for you to figure out what your organizational style is!

For that reason, think about tackling junk drawers and small closets first so as not to get overwhelmed. Before heading to your big walk-in closet or your chest-of-drawers, think about those do-anything organizational spots in your house. This might mean anything from starting with under-the-bed storage to organizing the front closet. Wherever you decide to start, make sure that you’re taking your time – and that you don’t get overwhelmed!

Recognize what does (and doesn’t) bring you joy

As organizational queen Marie Kondo asks, “Does it bring you joy?” This is the kind of question that we could easily apply to any aspect of our lives but is particularly important when it comes to identifying what items we really need in our homes.

When Marie Kondo asks those she’s helping in her new TV show or through her bestselling book about what brings them joy, she’s referring to whether or not the items that we’ve chosen to keep around our homes actually make us happy. Sure, they might look nice, but when was the last time those gilded bookends were actually used? And when’s the last time you even thought about them?

Kondo’s “Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” asks viewers and readers (and followers of all kinds) to, if their belongings don’t bring them joy, quite literally thank each item… and get rid of it.

While it might be easier said than done to narrow down what exactly it is that makes you joy, Kondo’s rule of thumb makes a great place to start when it comes to the process of decluttering any spaces in the home.

Cluttered kitchen cabinets? Hang those pots and pans.

Hanging your pots and pans in the kitchen is actually a two-fold win. Think about it: not only do you open up cabinet space for more snacks/spices/dishtowels, but you get some instant decoration. A thoughtfully placed pan alongside a cabinet or hung tastefully on the wall will add a touch of class to any kitchen setup, whether spacious or not.

Of course, pots and pans aren’t the only kitchen items that can be reorganized with a little attention to vertical space. Spatulas, strainers, pot holders, and more can make elegant and effective storage.

Sort by color to bring inspiration to your organizational efforts

Who doesn’t love a good pop of color? It’s thought that organizing by color is not only a great way to bring a little creativity to the home, but also to quickly and efficiently identify your belongings. Papers to file away? Put ‘em in the red bin. Holiday decorations that have somehow still managed to sit out? Throw ‘em in the blue bin. And so on, and so forth.

The great thing about organizing-by-color is that it gives you a little more autonomy in the process. Choose your favorite colors and get to work! By the time you’re done, you’ll be looking for more things to sort away into your colorful bins.

Keep your daily routine at the forefront of your organization

Of course, none of the above is useful if, well, you don’t put it into practice. That’s why our last time – and perhaps one of the most important – is to keep your daily routine in mind while going about your organizational efforts. Think about what you do when you come home after a long day. Maybe you throw your keys and workbag down, drop your coat on the couch, and slide your shoes off. How can you make that process more organized? Anything from setting up a coat stand and key hooks to simply putting aside space specifically for shoes can help you keep your space clutter-free.

This applies to just about every routine that you may have. Whether getting ready in the morning or meal planning for the week, the way that you operate in your space (and of course, the way you use the things in your home) is of the utmost importance to consider. Remember: don’t just organize because you think you should. Organize your space for YOU – because it’ll end up making your life a little less stressful, and therefore easier to live.

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The Internet Of Things Keeps Smart Home Smart

IoT and Smart Home: The Power of Connectivity

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the phrase “Smart Home”?

Maybe it’s the ability to lock and unlock your doors or windows from your phone. Maybe it’s having full control of the thermostat in a certain area of the house. Even still, maybe it’s being able to ask a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on the lights in the bedroom before you get there.

Whatever your image of a smart home may be, there’s one thing that remains constant – the need for your smart appliances to be connected to one another and to the internet via a little something called the Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of Things?

Put simply, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the idea of connecting all things to the internet. While this definition is broad, IoT For All’s Calum McClelland notes that connecting “things” to the internet – from cell phones to smartwatches – has already had incredible benefits in our society and everyday lives. The idea of IoT, he continues, suggests that these benefits can extend to quite literally everything.

McClelland writes that “When something is connected to the internet, that means that it can send information or receive information, or both.” This particular ability is, at a base level, what makes an appliance or technology “smart”.

IoT at CES 2019

Because tech and internet connectivity go hand-in-hand, the Internet of Things had quite the presence at CES 2019. In addition to smart home solutions, everything depends on the Internet of Things to, well, work.

Along with the advent of 5G, the Smart Cities section of CES was guided by the IoT, painting a picture of the connected cities of the future. According to CES Daily, smart cities with this kind of connectivity will have sensors in places such as water and waste systems, buildings, and roads: “Connected technologies will include smart energy meters, automated street lighting, parking assistance apps, and sensors to make cities safer, smarter, and more accessible.”

Of course, Smart Cities weren’t the only exhibits that relied on the IoT for necessary connectivity. CES 2019’s Vehicle Technology Marketplace showcased the latest in self-driving, connected cars that bring interactivity to the driving experience. Exhibitors like Allstate, Dassault Systemes, and Mobileye showcased just how important the combination of tech, connectivity, and vehicle automation will be as we explore the future of automotive and transportation.

IoT and Smart Home

At CES 2019, hundreds of Smart Home exhibitors focused on the easy, accessible connectivity that can be brought to a home in order to make it “smart”. This includes everything from smart blinds to lighting, smart locks to smart kitchens appliances. From this year’s show, it’s clear that the Smart Home of the future is one that brings this connectivity to every aspect of the home.

As greater numbers of consumers adopt smart home technology, the reliance of smart home on the IoT will only grow. In fact, Katherine Lazarevich of IoT For All writes that “some of the best solutions in IoT will come to life in smart homes.” It’s thought that the number of connected products will triple by 2025, reaching nearly 75 billion devices across the world.

So what does this mean for Smart Home companies? For Rently Keyless, it means an incredible opportunity to bring connected solutions that will benefit both individuals and communities.

The Rently Keyless Smart Solution

The Rently Keyless proprietary Tri-Band Hub ensures that users have three times the connection – and three times the security. Should Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection be unavailable, the Keyless system connects through a cellular connection.

The central core of the Keyless system, the Tri-Band hub technology includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connection for superior and optimal industry uptime. Unlike many smart home companies, the Keyless Tri-Band Hub has been engineered from the ground up to ensure that users are getting the very best in smart home tech.

Of course, the Keyless smart home solution is scalable. Support for Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi protocols alow Rently Keyless to securely incorporate over 1800 smart home devices.

Want to learn more about Rently and Keyless? Feel free to check out the rest of our blog!

Sources: IoT For All, CES Daily, All About Circuits

Rently Rounds off the Year & Gears Up for 2019

Rently presents end-of-year numbers and projections for 2019


LOS ANGELES, CA / PR Web / December 21, 2018 – Rently, the multifaceted real estate solutions technology company, is reaching the end of Q4 with a positive year. The company added their newly developed stand-alone Bluetooth lock this year, alongside their current enterprise smart home/apartment solution, which can all be equipped with their patented self-showing solutions. Property rental self-showings approached 1.5 million for the year, along with roughly 1.5 million satisfied, new rental applicants after the showings. With over 300,000 new properties listed and over 2000 happy companies, Rently is ready to continue providing seamless self-showings in 2019.

In May, Rently launched their new enterprise-level Bluetooth lock, Rently Blue. The lock, which is the only Bluetooth solution paired with self-showing technology, has streamlined access, enhanced security, and become an added amenity to homes across the nation. The unique product, designed and engineered by Rently’s team of developers, has been a successful addition to tens of thousands of units.

Rently Keyless, the Enterprise Smart Home/Apartment solutions division of Rently, has also had a very impactful year. Keyless has seen the launch and expansion of tens of thousands of smart homes under their division this year, notably with E&S Ring, Maxx Properties, and NMS Properties, whose portfolios reach California, Texas, Florida, New York, and more. When asked about Rently’s service, Nancy Garcia, Senior Community Manager with NMS Properties has expressed that Rently has impressively provided “efficiency and added amenities…to create an optimal level of service.” With the introduction of smart mortise locks in the mix, Keyless is projected to have another powerful year.

As 2019 approaches, Rently is prepared to tackle a new year of growth, innovation, and success.

To learn more about Rently please visit rently.com.


About Rently
Rently, a technology innovator and industry pioneer, provides patented self-showing technology that helps property managers, investors, and renters save time by renting smarter and leasing faster. With the rapid growth and progression of the company, Rently Keyless, the enterprise smart home solutions division, was brought to life. Rently has been successful with thousands of property managers and millions of renters to date and continues to expand its reach as a leader in the real estate technology space.

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5 Holiday Decor Tips for Small Spaces

Holiday Decor Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about how best to decorate our homes to celebrate! Of course, while we might have visions of grandiose dinner parties and sweeping garland decor, we might not always have the largest spaces (or budgets) to make our holiday decorating dreams come true.

Not all is lost, though! There are plenty of ways to transform your small space into an unforgettable winter wonderland this holiday! From DIY tips to organization hacks, we’ve collected some of our top favorite ways to bring some of that sweet holiday cheer to your home – no matter how big or small it might be!

1. Use Height to Your Advantage

While you may not have a ton of room horizontally, it’s important to think about the vertical spaces in your home. That’s right – your ceilings might just be the perfect spot for some holiday decor! Hanging snowflakes or colorful baubles is a sure way to bring a little bit of holiday magic into your space.

2. Lighting Is Your Friend

Not only can lighting help make things look a little more festive, but it can certainly help you make a small room look larger! With twinkle lights, it’s easy to bring some brightness into any space you have. Plus, string lights don’t just have to be hung! Think about putting your string lights in a glass jar to create easy, soft lighting for any room.

3. Get Creative with DIY Wreaths

No room for a big wreath? No worries. DIY wreaths of rosemary and pine are small enough to hang anywhere in your home, and will add a touch of class and festivity to your space! Plus, your home will smell fantastic.

4. Deck The Cabinets

When you don’t have halls to deck, simply deck the cabinets instead! Think of your cabinet space as a blank canvas – or at the very least, a place to hang your favorite ornaments. This is the perfect way to add a touch of holiday decor to your kitchen or bathroom space without going overboard.

5. Make Comfort Key

Hosting a holiday dinner in a small space? Make comfort key and think about getting creative with what a “seat” is! Long benches, ottomans, stools, and pillows can all make for super cozy holiday dinner seating. Your guests will feel totally at home!

Have more small space decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to browse the Rently blog for renting tips, decor tips, and more!

4 Ways Rently’s Real Estate Showing Service Ensures Safety

Safety is the name of the game for Rently.


As a real estate property manager, you put yourself at risk every day. Think about it: from meeting new clients to showing properties, letting strangers in your car to marketing yourself online, the day-to-day tasks of real estate open property managers up to a wealth of situations that could jeopardize their personal safety. Scary, right?

Enter Rently, the industry’s premier real estate showing services. The Rently system enables property managers to allow self-service showings of their vacant properties to verified potential tenants. Here are just a few of the ways that Rently’s real estate showing service ensures property manager safety:

You’re Only Letting Verified Renters Inside

Rently’s real estate showing service was created with improved security in mind. With Rently, renters must register online with a valid credit card and are only given one-time access when they are at the property. This not only helps weed out lookie-loos or those simply looking to case the property for a future break-in but helps to ensure that the renter is actually serious about looking for a rental.

What’s more, Rently constantly monitors activity logs to make sure your properties are secure. Detailed reports are available to property managers so owners can feel confident in the process.

You’re Mitigating Property Damage

With over 4 million check-ins nationwide (and growing), we’ve never had a serious case of a renter using Rently to cause damage to a property. We won’t lie, property management is often about mitigating risk, and while the best way to mitigate exposure to risk is to get a renter in the property with a signed lease, that’s not always possible.

We use the same precautions as the car rental or hotel industries —taking a valid credit card and verifying their SmartPhone so that the renter is on the hook for any damage done during a self-showing. The system polices itself; your renters are looking to keep their credit intact, which means they’re more likely to be responsible.

In the unlikely event that there is an incident of any kind, you are able to report it directly to your Rently Client Success Manager for resolution. We have your back!

You Don’t Need to Meet (or Drive Around) Strangers

Self-service showings are quickly growing in popularity across the country, and it’s not just because they fulfill the potential tenant’s need for instant gratification. Property managers love the added security and safety that comes from not having to meet strangers at vacant properties or drive them around on a tour of properties.

The National Association of Realtors® suggests that you should always meet new clients at your office so colleagues know who you’re meeting with. They also suggest that you take a copy of the person’s driver’s license for added precaution prior to putting them in your car for a tour. These are great steps to take, but they do not mitigate the risk quite like a self-service showing.

You’ve Got Eyes on Who’s In and Out

When you use Rently’s real estate showing service, you also have the added security of knowing who goes in to the property, and when. Rently will send you a real-time email alert with the name and number of the prospective renter as they check-in to see your property. Additionally, you can always log back in to the Rently management portal to view detailed activity logs for each property you have listed with Rently.

Get to Know the Premier Real Estate Showing Service

With all this technology available to property managers, why risk your safety? Learn more about Rently’s real estate showing service by browsing our website and blog, and don’t hesitate to connect with a member of our team today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

8 Ways to Integrate Real Estate Showing Software

Integrating new tech doesn’t have to be a battle!

integrate real estate showing software

Integrating a real estate showing software is a great way for rental property managers and companies to streamline and boost their business, as well as to save valuable time and money. But not all real estate showing software programs are created equal! As technology advances, it’s becoming increasingly important for real estate professionals to thoroughly vet any new software to ensure that it will benefit their business in a positive way.

Rently, the premier self-showing and property management service, is designed with real estate professionals in mind. Using Sentrilock lockboxes and banking-level encryption technology, Rently’s real estate showing software allows potential renters to view rental properties without the physical presence of a property manager. This not only gives renters instant gratification, but it also frees up the valuable time of property managers.

If you’re thinking about integrating a real estate showing software, here are a few ways to do it successfully:

Weigh Your Options

Always weigh your options to ensure that you find the real estate showing software that best suits the needs of yourself or your rental property management company. If you’re part of a company, consider putting together a group of agents that will be responsible for reviewing the features and benefits of each platform.

Request a Demo

Once you’ve found a few real estate showing software companies you’re interested in, be sure to request a demo to gain a better understanding of how the product truly works. This will help you envision the different ways that you can use the product.

Ensure it Works with Other Systems

Integration with other platforms is important in the real estate business. Rently, for example, allows you to import properties from platforms like Yardi, Appfolio, Propertyware and Buildium to name a few. It also allows you to syndicate your listings to a number of the industry’s leading sites, including realtor.com, zillow.com, homes.com and others.

Commit to Implementing the Software

Technology is only useful if we commit to using it. We have to give it a chance. When you select a real estate showing software that will work for you, be sure to take the time to implement it with care and make the commitment to put it into practice. This is particularly important if you’re introducing a new software throughout your entire office.

Encourage Adoption

This step is particularly important for rental property management companies or teams of agents who are working together to manage their properties. You must encourage adoption of the technology by your team members. This can be done by offering support or incentives for implementation, or by having team training on the new product.

Offer Support and Training

Even the easiest technology can seem overwhelming to a busy real estate professional. But, if you’re a real estate property management company, be sure to take the time to offer the support and training necessary for the proper use of the new product. When you do, you’ll find that your team will be more apt to utilize the software.

Request Feedback

As with all technologies that you implement, always ask your team —and your clients— for their feedback. How is it working? What are the results? Can you benefit from additional features? With Rently, we offer a host of additional features that help make our real estate showing software a complete one-stop package.

Make it Fun

Lastly, make it fun! Gamification is a great way to encourage the adoption of technology throughout your property management company. By creating games and incentives, you’ll be able to easily encourage team member participation.

Get More Rental Showings with Rently

If you’re thinking about implementing a real estate showing software to boost your business, we encourage you to browse the Rently website and to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always just a phone call away and look forward to showing you how Rently can increase your business with less effort and time. Learn more today!