Make 2019 the Year of Smart Apartments

Why should multifamily property managers invest in smart solutions?

yellow and white apartment complex in Osaka, Japan

Smart home technology has been the hottest upcoming trend for quite some time. 26% of those surveyed by Hubspot indicated that they were most excited to test smart home technology at CES 2019 last month. As the excitement and buzz surrounding CES 2019 comes to an end, it’s a good time to dissect why consumers are gravitating towards not only a smart home but a smart apartment.

Back in 2016, in preparation for that year’s CES event, Coldwell Banker Real Estate partnered with CNET to produce a survey, polling 4,000 U.S. adults about smart homes. Results showed that 72% of millennials in the survey group indicated they were willing to pay $1,500 or more to make their home smarter, and 44% of the entire group would pay over $3,000. Those numbers certainly speak for themselves, right? Research also shows that homeownership rates were quite low across the board, but particularly so for the millennial age group. That means millions of young adults who are more inclined to invest in a smart home don’t own a home.

Cue a smart apartment.
Investing in a smart apartment will provide renters the same comfort, amenities, and lifestyle that are on the rise today.

Which devices, you ask?

With devices like a smart coffee pot, smart toilet, or smart pet treat dispenser on the market, which devices do renters truly care about? For millennials, who are more environmentally conscious and selective about the businesses they choose to work with, smart thermostats are a must. The thermostats allow them to monitor their energy use, and in turn, keep costs low. Property managers can also have control over thermostat ranges and functions while promoting the smart thermostat as a cost-saving feature.

Keyless locks are another important smart device renters look for in a smart apartment. Keyless access solutions allow renters to be worry free about losing keys or needing a spare when their friends or family decide to visit. With keyless solutions, renters can also generate custom codes for anyone at any time. Services, like Rently Keyless, allow renters to view the any and all lock activity, which can be useful if tenants have guests.

With physical devices, one aspect definitely cannot be overlooked: the SaaS. The software that comes with managing a smart apartment is vital. Renters need to be comfortable with using the mobile app and need to be able to control their space in the palm of their hand. They need to be able to generate codes, check their thermostat, and monitor their activity with ease. Making sure the mobile app (and the customer support that comes with it) is seamless should be another point to take into consideration. Renters should feel comfortable and cared for when they have concerns regarding their smart solutions.

Property managers matter, too!

But with all this terribly convincing talk about the benefits of smart devices for renters, what about the property managers? Investing in smart technology, at the end of the day, not only makes the renter experience more enjoyable but also allows managers to save time and minimize costs. Having smart solutions in place helps with managing thousands of units in the palm of your hand! Most (if not all) smart home technology companies have software that allow property managers to manage units in real time either via a web browser or through an app. Time and cost savings come into play when processes are automated, energy/utility costs are minimized, and renters are happy!

As a manager, it is also important to be aware of who you are buying from. Some companies don’t develop their products in-house, which can be a point to take note of. Because the tech world updates and develops so rapidly, those who don’t have their own proprietary technology struggle to keep up-to-date. As a manager who makes these purchases, constantly having to purchase new versions or needing to wait for updates can end up becoming costly. On the contrary, companies who do create any of their own proprietary technology can push updates automatically. Working with a smart solutions provider who knows the ins and outs of their product can be the key difference when choosing who to buy from.

All in all…

The future of the smart home is only going to shine brighter as technology continues to change. Trends show that more and more consumers are realizing that smart tech is here to stay and here to automate their life. Staying ahead of the game and providing the renter with ‘wow-factor’ amenities will certainly lead to a win-win situation for all.

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8 of The Best Date-Night-In Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Memories With The Perfect At-Home Date

It’s that time of year again – pink and red candies have been cropping up in every store, and thoughts of Cupid are and his magical heart-shaped bow are in the air.

Of course, the expectations for St. Valentine’s Day can come with quite the hefty price tag. According to CNN, it’s estimated that US Valentine’s Day spending hit nearly $20 billion dollars last year – including everything from chocolates to roses, stuffed teddy bears to valentine’s date-night-outs.

If you’re not traveling to a romantic location (or just looking to make some unique memories with your SO), we’ve compiled some of our very favorite date-night-in ideas that’ll make this Valentine’s Day your very best yet for both you and your wallet!

1. Make Your Own Pizza

Both fun and delicious, make-your-own pizza is a great way to kick off an at-home date night! Challenge each other to come up with the most creative pizzas with categories like “most heart-shaped pizza”. Even if it doesn’t turn out quite right, it’ll still be delicious!

2. Bob Ross Wine and Painting Night

There’s nothing quite like sharing the magic of painting genius Bob Ross with your loved one. Step it up with a glass of wine and some paint of your own. You’ll both have the perfect date night, as well as some art to show for it!

3. Enjoy takeout-by-candlelight

Who said candlelit dinner had to be fancy? Have fun ordering your very favorite takeout meals and setting a romantic scene with candles galore.

4. Have a super yummy fondue night

We’re of the opinion that one can never have too much chocolate (or cheese, if you and your Valentine are more into cheese fondue). Sweeten up your date night with some dippable fresh fruit or pound cake. Just remember to buy the right melting chocolate!

5. Breakfast for dinner in bed

Make an already pretty romantic gesture even better by having breakfast in bed… for valentine’s day dinner! While we could go on forever about how wonderful breakfast food is, the real win is getting to share your favorite breakfast foods with your loved one without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

6. Play cooperative games

For couples looking to do a little team building, there’s nothing better than a good cooperative game! Work together with your SO to solve problems, save kingdoms, and set high score records. Of course, if you’re more of a competitive couple, there’s always potential relationship-enders like Monopoly or Mario Party.

7. Set up an in-home picnic

While it might be a little cold for a picnic in the heart of February, it’s never too cold to set up a little picnic spot in the living room! Grab your favorite picnic blanket, a basket full of goodies, and a bottle of your favorite beverage to create a super romantic evening without ever having to go outside.

8. Build an epic fort together

When is the last time you built a fort? Not some wimpy one-blanket contraption – a serious, every-single-pillow-in-the-house kind of fort? Relive childhood dreams with your Valentine by making the most epic blanket and pillow fort in the comfort of your living room!

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7 Dreamy Places (With Self Check-In) to Stay for Valentine’s Day

Our 7 Picks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so we’ve curated some beautifully decorated AirBnb’s to stay at. All of the locations listed below have self check-in as an amenity, either through keyless entry or lockbox, which streamlines the check-in process once you arrive for your romantic getaway! (Notice: these locations may be booked up for this year…but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate their beauty, right?)

From the city to the oceanside, here are seven spots to check out for Valentine’s Day.

1.Chicago, Illinois

Artsy, unique, and plant-filled, this peaceful Chicago space will have an interesting photo opportunity at every turn! With the different colored walls and amazing art, this space definitely has the potential to be a cute romantic getaway.

Chicago apartment in the sun

2. Los Angeles, California

Soft with a touch of luxe is the vibes we’re getting from this location. Close to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this spot will definitely make you feel like a celeb in the making. Don’t miss out on this great space in a great part of town this Valentine’s season!

los angeles airbnb bedroom

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Country chic, anyone? This cozy, cute place in Nashville will certainly make you feel right at home. Don’t forget to take all of your Instagram pics in front of that gorgeous wooden backdrop before you get a good night’s sleep!

Nashville airbnb bedroom

4. New York, New York

Ahh, New York…famously known for their tiny living spaces. The light color palette paired with the greenery of plants and paintings helps open up the room. After a night out in the city that never sleeps, come back and relax at this spacious, bright AirBnb.

New York airbnb bedroom

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Modern and downtown – what more can you ask for? This studio in the North End of Boston is a space that deserves some recognition. The warm and cozy color palette will make anyone feel comfortable and welcomed.

boston airbnb living room

6. Austin, Texas

This beautifully modern space in Austin claims to be perfect for couples. We believe them! The unique art paired with the vibrant blue couch makes this a memorable place to stay any day of the year.
austin airbnb living room

7.Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii? Yes, please! This ocean-view space in the famous Waikiki area of Honolulu screams beach vibes. Enjoy the peaceful pastel colors in the studio and have a glass of wine (or two) out on the balcony area to watch the sunset over the ocean.

waikiki airbnb bedroom

No matter where you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day this year, it’s the people you spend it with that make it special. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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