Published Dec 14, 2022

2022 End of Year Message from Rently’s CEO

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Dear Friends of Rently:

As I look back on this past year and reflect on all of our many company-wide accomplishments, I can’t help but feel very proud and excited about the future.

2022 was the year that Rently grew from the hopeful 2-person company that Clark and I founded over a decade ago to the robust global company that is thriving today, with 500+ employees, spanning 10 offices worldwide.

It’s been such a joy to experience!

What started out as a practical response to renters’ preference for viewing properties outside of regular business hours, has evolved into one of the most popular proptech solutions that benefits renters and property managers every day.

With more than 16 million self-tours completed to date and 4,000+ operators deploying our smart home devices, Rently has truly become the industry leader in self-guided touring and smart home technology.

In addition to our long-standing relationships with premier online real estate listing services, such as Zillow and, Rently’s own popular listing service now receives more than ten million visitors each year!

Thanks to our creative product development teams and our expert software engineers, Rently continues to enhance our flagship products with exciting new features, such as tour “wayfinding” navigation and an automated installation workflow to accelerate smart home deployments. 

And thanks to our hardware engineers, we now have a comprehensive portfolio of top-tier smart home devices to improve the daily lives of renters and provide property managers with tools to enhance property security, damage prevention, and utility management.

Our dynamic sales team has grown nationwide and embraced their mission of introducing real estate operators to the many economic and operational benefits of smart home technology.

In accord, our client success teams stand by our customers to expertly guide them through the deployment, activation, and management of their smart properties. The introduction of our new installer workflow feature this year supports those efforts by extending our support to onsite technicians.

Internally, Rently has further expanded its marketing, finance, logistics, and business support teams to create a solid foundation for future growth.

Thankfully, due to our judicious business approach, we don’t face immediate or short-term risks to our business. However, because of uncertain economic times ahead, it is critical that we remain committed to our internal organizational discipline and OKR-based, goal-setting methodology.

I encourage every employee to embrace the special spirit, agility and focus that makes our company special, so that we remain stable beyond weeks and months, long into the future.

Altogether, Rently is poised to deliver on our promises to customers (and to ourselves) to provide best-in-class smart home technology that exceeds expectations and fulfills our mission to create the best rental experience in the world!

It is with deep gratitude and thanks to my Rently family and our loyal customers that I extend to all of you best wishes for a happy holiday season and a successful New Year!

Merrick Lackner
CEO Rently

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