Published Dec 08, 2023

2023 End of Year Message from Rently’s CEO

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Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends of Rently,

Last year at this time, I was so very pleased to share with you the story of Rently’s incredible growth over the past decade.

It’s still humbling for me to see how our simple idea to save property managers time by allowing renters to tour on their own, at their convenience, would blossom into a global company that provides innovative technology solutions for every step of the leasing lifecycle.

Rently has embraced our growth with enthusiasm and mindfulness. When Clark and I first embarked on this business venture together, more than a decade ago, we knew that the journey would be long and challenging. The housing market can be quite volatile at times, and introducing transformative change during ongoing economic swing cycles is not for the faint of heart. However, year over year, we have maintained a judicious approach that has rewarded our company with the durability and wisdom to survive and succeed, when many have not. We remain vigilant of our customers’ best interests and dedicated to our mission to bring them real value.

Towards that goal, Rently remains committed to our “customer-centric” approach that includes ongoing communication with our clients about what we can do to help them customize and deploy effective solutions to their daily leasing challenges.

Our customer-centric focus begins early, at product development, and continues through our marketing, sales consultations, installations and ongoing technical support. We also enjoy meeting with you at trade shows, conferences, on social media (50,000 followers!) and at our popular annual Summit event. Rently stays connected to our customers year-round, and — when needed — 24/7!

Thanks to our world-class team of engineers, Rently is also actively engaged at the forefront of global technology forums and standards-based working groups. As a result, we are able to bring our clients the newest innovations in property technology.

For example, this year, we were excited to introduce our clients to “Wayfinding” navigation, our GPS-style onsite mapping that quickly guides prospects across properties for a fun and frictionless touring experience. Similarly, we were pleased to offer managers a time-saving “3-in-1” Rental Screening that integrates ID, income, and credit verifications into a quick and powerful fraud-prevention tool.

By focusing on technological excellence and client collaboration, Rently is blazing a trail for proptech in the rental housing industry.

This year, we implemented new user support tools and internal accountability measures to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations for quality and service.

In February, we introduced our new self-service Help Center to empower you to quickly find answers to questions that don’t require technical support. Our help center provides you with 24/7 access to troubleshooting information so you can resolve issues quickly and carry on with your daily activities.

In addition, we expanded our efforts to provide you with new and relevant information about industry trends and best practices, through several interactive webinars and helpful guides and E-books.

And, we built an online e-commerce store (RentlyGo) to offer you a new and improved, simple and streamlined ordering process.

Finally, perhaps our most significant customer initiative this year was the result of your feedback that security is still your top concern. It is for us too. In fact, Rently’s solutions were built on the most
robust network infrastructure possible that we continue to enhance with new security features. Our customers can now choose whichever layers of security best meets their needs — from basic features, including ID and onsite location verification, all the way up to enterprise-level AI and machine-learning. Rently is on the cutting-edge of security innovations, and we remain committed to maintaining the highest security standards in the industry.

As we look forward to 2024, we invite you to continue the conversation with us about how we can best serve you and help you transform your rental properties into the smart homes of the future. The Rently team stands ready and able to support your evolution, just as you have supported ours. I have made it clear to each of our departments that now is the time for us to give 1000% to our clients.

Now – as always – we are here to optimize your leasing experience and guide your deployment of the smart home amenities that elevate your brand and increase your renter satisfaction. Let’s partner together to create the best rental experience in the world!

Wishing you many blessings this holiday season and in the New Year!

Best regards,
Merrick Lackner, CEO Rently

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