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Legacy Partners Increased Traffic by 33% with Self-Guided Tours

Rently helps multifamily operator Legacy Partners' Aliso Apartments spend less time on tours and more time closing deals

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Legacy Partners manages a portfolio of over 60 multifamily communities across the United States. They decided to pilot Rently at their Aliso Apartments community in Downtown Los Angeles. Aliso consists of 472 units in 5 buildings across 7 acres. Aliso initially tried virtual tours, but found that most prospects are still reluctant to lease sight unseen. That’s what led them to try Rently. Given the sheer size of the community, it was important for them to choose a partner that provides prospects with detailed step-by-step directions on how to navigate around the community.


Aliso utilizes Rently’s Self-Guided Tours for Multifamily platform. They use our smart lockboxes to show their vacant units, and take advantage of our integration with Engrain which allows prospects to view an interactive site map while touring. Rather than taking 45 minutes to an hour and a half to personally escort prospects, the leasing staff can now focus their time on other important tasks. Rently also allows for tours to occur outside of office hours to accommodate more prospects.


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  • Increased Traffic

    33% of self-guided tour leads came directly from Rently’s ILS homes.rently.com.

  • Seamless Implementation

    The hands-on support from our Client Success team, and our easy to use portal allowed for a smooth and speedy deployment.

  • Flexibility for Prospects

    Rently allows prospects who don’t want to be escorted or who need to tour after office hours to still see the unit in person. Rently ensures that no opportunity is missed.

  • More Leases

    In 9 months, a total of 45 leases were generated by prospects who completed a self-guided tour.

“I'm a huge advocate of [Rently]. I couldn't have asked for a better vendor...[Rently has] been an amazing asset to us and our achievements at the property."

— Emma Toy, Business Manager, Aliso Apartments
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