Published Aug 06, 2020

How To Do a Self-Guided Tour in 7 Simple Steps

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Over the past few years, the self-guided tour has been arising in the real estate market to help prospects like you find your next home quicker and with ease. VR walkthrough tours, agent guided videos, and HD videography have given renters looking for a home more freedom and leverage as the listing process transitions online.

All of these creative solutions strive to help you ‘see’ and experience the listing from an online platform.

While the goal is to enhance the way that home hunters interact with the listed vacancy, these web-based solutions ultimately do not deliver the same experience as an in-person tour.

Touring the Rently Way

But that’s where Rently’s self-guided tour is taking the industry by storm. Rently combines cutting-edge technologies with a safe and secure in-person tour process that allows you to explore properties on your own – with more freedom than ever before.

Self-touring has always been an interesting prospect for potential renters and tenants, but the possibilities have been made even greater as a result of the pandemic. Whether it’s a unit in an apartment complex or a house, Rently’s self-guided tours are the new home hunting experience.

While self-touring offers a new layer to the home hunting process, dipping your toes into this new and exciting touring opportunity is efficient, quick, and convenient.

If you’ve never heard of self-guided tours or are curious about how a self-tour actually works, we’re going to explain.

Getting Started with a Rently self-tour

If you’re ready to start touring with Rently, here’s how easy it really is:

  1. Visit Rently’s home page and search where you want to view a property.
  2. Browse and choose the properties you want to tour.
  3. Set up your account by verifying your phone number, credit card, and a valid ID.
  4. Once you’re approved and ready to tour, you can schedule a tour on our site. 
  5. Once you’re at the property, locate the serial number of the smart device such as a lockbox or smart lock to gain their one-time access code.
  6. Enter the property using your one-time code. *If you are touring an apartment, use Rently’s app or just your web browser to guide you through the community. When you’re done, use the unique exit code to return the key if you used a lockbox. 
  7. When you find what you like, you can get in touch with the agent to take the next steps to find your new home!

It only takes 7 simple steps to start and finish self-touring.

Advantages of Self-Guided Tours For You

When you self tour a property, a real estate agent, or leasing agent does not need to meet you at the property. Self-guided tours don’t keep prospects stuck behind a computer screen or following on an agent’s coattails.

Rently’s revolutionary self-tour enables you to embark on listing tours without an agent present. Secured and safeguarded by Rently’s trained team of dedicated professionals, the process is powered by tech and enlivened by a real and physical immersive experience.

Rently self-guided tours have reimagined the touring process. Self-tours solve many of the problems commonly encountered by people looking for an apartment or looking for a home, including:

Time-Savingman with watch on computer

Schedule a tour on your own time means no coordinating schedules, having to leave work, or try to make it during normal business hours. Simply sign up and create your Rently account to start viewing properties on your own.

See Multiple Units at Once

With Rently, you can view multiple units or properties easily. Since all the freedom is in your hand, users can do what they want. Data shows that most people who use Rently end up touring 2.6 units during their home-hunting process.

United Nations Covid 19 Response Sam6u 9hamk UnsplashSocial Distancing

Rently’s self-guided tours support the social distancing mindset by cultivating a solo touring experience. Self-tours provide the manifold benefits of seeing a property in person without violating social distancing protocols.

Do It Your Way

According to HRC Retail Advisory, 95% of consumers want some time to themselves during their shopping experience. Rently gives you the liberty to speak openly, explore where and what you want to, and go through your own process independently without feeling the pressure of an agent present.

Emotional Buildup

Renters usually experience anxiety, impatience, worry, and excitement all at once. Paired with the long waiting periods involved in setting up walkthroughs, those emotions build up.

Rently’s process eliminates this part of the renter’s journey by putting the reins in the renter’s hands. Go at your own pace to make moving a smooth, stress-free, and fun experience.

Self-Touring is Great for Home Hunters and Property Owners

In addition to the prospect perks, self touring is a great option for the renter. Self-guided touring frees up your team of leasing associates and collects hard data that can be used for future strategies.

Whether you’re a renter searching for your next home or a property manager seeking to optimize the leasing process, self-touring will revolutionize the entire marketing experience.

Ready to self-tour today? Schedule a self-tour today!

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