Published Jun 18, 2024

NEW PRODUCT: Rently Access Panel with Intercom

Access Panel With Intercom

Introducing the ultimate multi-function access control solution with voice & video: the Rently Access Panel with Intercom. This device is a secure solution for property managers and residents, providing seamless control over shared spaces in any property type. Whether you’re enhancing security at the front gates or managing controlled access to amenities like pools, gyms, gated garages, or elevator call buttons, our solution has you covered.

The Access Panel with Intercom combines an access control panel, a credential reader/keypad, a QR-code-based intercom service, and a contact sensor — all in one for unmatched security and functionality. Regular residents and managers have multiple access options (app, code, or fob), so they never have to worry about lockouts or missing keys. Seamless connectivity via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet makes device setup easy — no hub required!

Access Panel With Intercom

An Intuitive User Experience for Residents & Guests

The Rently Access Panel with Intercom offers voice and video communication, so residents can grant access after verifying a visitor’s identity. To ensure privacy and security, residents have the option to enter calls with the camera turned off and can set customizable usernames. Furthermore, managers can view an activity log of visitor history with photos for accountability. 

4 iPhone mockups of the Rently access panel with intercom UX/UI

Upon arrival, guests scan the QR code to connect to the Intercom service. The Intercom interface will open in their browser, where the guest can select the resident they’d like to visit and call them to request property access. After the video call, the resident can unlock the gate/door and grant access.

The intercom function isn’t only for residents, either! Managers may designate multiple staff members to receive intercom calls in the leasing office, ensuring that no visitor is left unattended.

Common Area Management

The Access Panel with Intercom allows managers to create a customized access schedule for when they want certain amenities to be available. From the Rently portal, managers can define business hours, such as restricting pool access after 10 pm, or activate Passage Mode to disable auto-lock during specific times.

On top of that, our software provides the option for amenity reservations, allowing residents to reserve common areas directly from the Rently Smart Home app. Managers can easily enable or disable this feature at any time and even delete specific reservations with just a few clicks.

angled view of Rently's common area access panel with intercomDurable Hardware

At Rently, we take pride in engineering and manufacturing our own devices, subjecting them to rigorous testing to ensure best-in-class hardware quality. Our Access Panel with Intercom was tested against the highest industry standards, obtaining a UL294 Certification and an IP65 Rating for protection against heavy rain and dust.

Total Community Control

When coupled with our all-in-one software platform, the Rently Access Panel with Intercom can help reduce operating expenses and boost resident satisfaction.

Upgrade your community’s security with the Access Panel with Intercom and enjoy peace of mind, connected living, and user-friendly access control. Explore the future of access control today!

Order shipments begin in July. Click here to request a demo.

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