Published Aug 24, 2023

Rently’s ‘Wayfinding’ Navigation Enhances Self-Guided Tours

self-guided tour wayfinding

Rently’s Self-Guided Tours with ‘Wayfinding’ empowers renters with precise, turn-by-turn, navigation to and around a community resulting in decreases in logistical delays and more precise appointment times for both prospects and managers.

Our ‘Wayfinding’ navigation technology demonstrates our ongoing commitment to streamlining property management, optimizing the self-guided touring experience, and creating a positive connection between prospects and their future homes.

‘Wayfinding’ helps by:

  1. Taking Self-Guided Tours set-up from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
  2. Providing a community map overlaid on Google Maps that provides a state-of-the-art renter experience.
  3. Creating a network of pathways, roads, and streets in your community that are mapped to allow navigation between points of interest during the self-guided tour.

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Learn more about Rently’s Self-Guided Tours Solutions.

Optimizing Self-Guided Tours with “Wayfinding” Navigation Blog.


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