Published Jan 24, 2024

Apartment Association of Greater Dallas Multifamily Trade Show

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD) Trade Show is the fastest-growing Multifamily market in the country! Come out to meet owners, property management companies, on-site personnel, and find suppliers and service providers that cater to the Multifamily market. Learn about the latest technology, amenities, and services available for your companies and residents.

Date: March 28th, 2024

Location: Dallas Market Hall in Dallas, TX (Booth #405)

Rently Attendees:

Are you attending? Schedule a time to meet with the Rently team members!

Contact Title Email
Chase Coley

Senior Account Executive

[email protected]
Lisa Patton Senior Account Executive [email protected]


Event Site:

Visit the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas website for more information.

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