Published Jun 08, 2020

How Rently is Responding to COVID-19

Stopping and combating the virus

How Rently is Responding to COVID-19

In the wake of a pandemic unlike anything that modern society has faced thus far, the coronavirus has made a significant impact on the entire world. It suffices to say that 2020 has been a trying time for everyone. 

Stay at home orders, social distancing, and working remotely are just a few points that have become the ‘new normal’ as COVID is forcing people and businesses to shift gears and adapt accordingly. 

Implications to Real Estate At Large

COVID has sparked some major consequences within the totality of real estate. The entire business is being affected by the pandemic’s reverberations within the market optimism, economic outlooks, and consumer behavior. 

The implications are widespread, but here’s the current situation in a nutshell: 

  • Home purchasing rates have been significantly reduced after two rate cuts were made to protect the housing market against further COVID-19 disruption.
  • Vacancies are on the rise across all real estate sectors as individuals and businesses are being financially compromised. 
  • Default rates are expected to spike as loan delinquency rates continue to stack up.
  • Buyers and sellers are holding off on their transactions amid uncertainty.
  • Agents need to recalibrate their approach to meet COVID-standards, which is overwhelming many and resulting in large business setbacks. 

The current state of affairs, coupled with the fact that the global outlook is changing daily, has caused the real estate industry to take a chaotic turn due to the coronavirus’s far-reaching ramifications. 

In the midst of all this confusion, Rently is taking extensive measures to combat the threat of COVID and the associated fears, as well. Rently is adopting a COVID-conscious approach to the pandemic, both internally and externally, to ensure that our clients are supported, protected, and fully satisfied. 


Here’s an inside look at how Rently is addressing the crisis at hand: 

Internal Operations: Keeping Our Staff Protected

Here at Rently, we understand that success originates from home. That said, the well-being of the Rently staff is our top priority as it provides the foundation for keeping our clients and users happy, tended to, and content. 

As a company, Rently is taking every measure possible to keep our team members and staff safe, healthy, and stress-free during and after the pandemic. 

Working remotely is being adopted anywhere possible, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to all on-site personnel, and intensive sanitation procedures are being practiced in-house. 

Additionally, all employees are being asked and reminded to follow 5 simple but effective tips to help stop the spread of coronavirus. 

1. HANDS Wash them often

2. ELBOW Cough into it

3. FACE Don’t touch it

4. FEET Stay more than 3 feet apart

5. FEEL sick? Stay home

Rently is upkeeping a seamless web of communication to ensure that we are abreast of any changing circumstances our team members may be facing. 


External Operations: Upholding a Safe Client Experience

Renters, leasing teams, and property managers are at the forefront of our safety efforts. 

All appropriate COVID-19 adaptations are being rolled out to mitigate the disturbance to regular business operations without compromising on the health and welfare of the Rently family. 

These new strategies are being applied to our current module as follows:

New Tour Protocols

Active tour participants are highly encouraged to ‘Follow the 5’, a list of safety measures geared towards reducing the potential for COVID-19 transmission as a result of conducting a self-tour. Prospects using the Rently app are also digitally prompted to ‘Follow the 5’.

Smartphone app warning covid

New Partnerships

Rently is collaborating with other industry leaders to facilitate the easiest, smoothest, and safest self-tour process possible. 

For example, Rently integrates with Knock, a multifamily CRM, allowing clients to use both systems in tandem for the best possible messaging that keeps all users up-to-speed with real-time updates. 


Managing Logistics 

In order to avoid any significant lapses in business, Rently’s shipping and receiving centers are remaining fully operational. However, please be advised that shipments may be delayed due to high order volumes and external challenges.

As we strive to ensure that every package is delivered in a timely manner, Rently is not accepting specialty requests or custom order alterations until the situation subsides.

In the case that an edit needs to be made to an active order, please contact FedEx to handle the case directly. 


Outreach Programs for Industries in Need 

Rently understands that the pandemic is having far-reaching impacts on our clientele — particularly those in the short-term vacation rental space, which has been disproportionately impacted.

If your property or related business is facing significant financial hardships as a result of COVID, please get in touch with your client success manager so we can work with you on a case-by-case basis. 

Rently is dedicated to providing the very best service and standards for our customers, staff, and communities at large. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly instigated many challenges for real estate, but be assured that Rently is doing everything possible to stay ahead of the situation. 


The Rently team supports you on all levels, and we’re here for you through it all. We strive to be part of the solution and be a source of peace of mind during these uncertain times.  Thank you so much for your continued business. We look forward to re-emerging from these trials stronger than ever before! 


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