Published Feb 21, 2023

Rently’s Self-Service Help Center

Rently Help Desk

Questions. We all have them. Why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of life? How can I upgrade my rental property tours with wayfinding navigation?

Whew. Those are some important topics! Since Chat GPT is super busy answering many of the world’s big questions, Rently created a new online customer self-service help center so you can quickly answer questions about how to use our solutions to optimize your everyday property management.

Rently’s self-service help center empowers our customers and our internal support teams with on-demand product information for Rently’s next-generation leasing solutions.

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In recent years, the retail marketplace embraced many “do it yourself” trends, and consumers have become increasingly self-reliant.

For instance, self-guided tours are now very popular amongst renters, with 83% of renters expressing the desire to tour properties without an agent. Similarly, today’s property managers benefit from web-based innovations that allow them to complete leasing tasks from wherever and whenever they want.

This drive towards autonomy extends to customer support. Information “on demand” is the most popular way for customers to answer product and service questions. According to American Express, 60% of U.S. consumers report that their preferred channel for simple product inquiries is a digital self-service tool, such as a help center.

Rently’s Help Center is our new knowledge base where we provide comprehensive device and software information to help answer a multitude of questions, ranging from basic installation issues, to daily operations, and more.

The Help Center was created for property managers, residents, and our internal customer service teams to save time, reduce frustration, and elevate customer support to the next level.

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Rently’s Help Center Empowers Managers and Renters

Rently understands that, in today’s busy world, customers want issues resolved as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

We also understand that not all questions require contacting technical support teams. More often than not, property managers and renters just need a simple answer to resolve an issue. We created our self-service help center to empower our customers with 24/7 access to the information they need to quickly find answers and move on with their daily activities.

Our Help Center provides a collection of articles that cover many topics relevant to both managers and renters. It also offers a search feature to quickly find an article that addresses a specific topic or question.

Using Rently’s Help Center, managers can find out everything from how to install a smart thermostat, to creating codes for self-guided tours, to updating community data on their manager portal. Similarly, residents can learn how to use their smart devices and how to generate smart lock access codes for guests.

Each self-help article has informative graphics and will soon include tutorial videos to make finding answers even easier and more enjoyable.

Help Center Wayfinding


How to Navigate Rently’s New Help Center

The new Rently Help Center is intuitive and easy to navigate. It is a unified portal of information, however, you will see – right from the start – that content is separated based on whether the information is relevant to property managers or residents.

Help Center Home

For Property Managers

In the property managers section, information is filtered based on property type, either single-family or multifamily. Fortunately, there are plenty of answers for managers of either property type – approximately 100 articles for each!

Rently has also created an “installer” section on the property managers’ page, with links to articles about product installation. These same links are mirrored across both single and multifamily property manager sections.  These links are very useful for technicians who need to go directly to specific product troubleshooting guides.

Rently Help Desk

Since some topics, such as installation and smart home technology, intersect both single and multifamily markets, our Help Center will show links to those topics on all of its pages, and search box inquiries from both sections will be directed to the same article page.

For instance, both single-family and multifamily managers might have the same question about a particular smart home device (i.e. “How do I adjust the settings on a smart thermostat?”) In such cases, managers can click on a very visible “smart home” link on their respective pages to be directed to the same information.

Help Desk MF

For Residents

Finally, in the residents section of the Center, there are many articles that offer “how to” advice related to the set up and usage of smart home appliances. Giving residents access to this information from the Rently Help Center can greatly reduce service calls to property management and offer residents the ability to resolve issues themselves, outside of regular business hours.

Beginning February 28,  Rently’s Help Center will be available directly from our website. Simply click on the “Get Help” button at the top right of our home page to access the service. (Please note: previous ZenDesk links will no longer be available.)

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Rently’s Help Center Empowers Your Client Support Teams

In addition to its use as a customer self-service resource, Rently’s Help Center also serves as a valuable tool to help Rently’s internal support teams better serve our customers.

By centralizing our customer support information, the Rently Help Center provides our customer service teams with on-demand access to information so that they can respond to your inquiries immediately. By accelerating our answers to you, we can accelerate your leasing schedules.

The Rently Help Center will also help us identify the most frequently asked questions so that we can proactively adjust our client response on recurring issues.

In addition, customers can rate the articles in the Rently Help Center, and this additional feedback ensures that we understand which articles are most helpful to resolving our customers’ issues.

Rently will use our Help Center to monitor our own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that we know if we are delivering the best customer support possible.

Help Center group


Rently’s Full Spectrum of Customer Support Options

Rently’s new Help Center is just one more way that we strive to provide our customers with excellent support. And, while we believe it will provide answers to most questions, we did not create it to replace interactions with our friendly customer support teams.

As always, customer service is paramount to Rently. Once onboarded, our clients receive a complimentary best-in-class support package that includes one-on-one training, ongoing support, and an option for a dedicated client success manager. Our customer care teams are available by chat or phone, 7 days a week between 8am – 8pm CT.

Together, all of Rently’s customer support resources ensure that we remain available and actively engaged with you at all times to answer your questions. As with every aspect of our smart leasing solution, Rently’s Self-Service Help Center continues our company’s tradition of providing an excellent user experience and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We invite you to visit the new Rently Help Center to learn how easy it is to use!

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