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Tech-savvy renters desire and are willing to pay – on average, $37.65 – more in monthly rent for smart home technology.

Smart Home Features

  • Access Control

    Use smart home technology to enable self-guided tours and control access to vacant or occupied properties.

  • Smart Monitoring

    Receive real-time alerts of suspicious activity and monitor your property with motion sensors and doorbell cameras.

  • Damage Prevention

    Add leak sensors and smoke/CO detectors to prevent costly property damage before it occurs.

  • Energy Management

    Reduce utility usage up to 20% annually with smart thermostats, smart light switches, and smart outlets.

  • Remote Management

    Control smart home devices and manage properties from anywhere in the world using our app or desktop portal.

  • Installation Support

    Receive full-coverage installation support that includes automated tools, a network of technicians, and white glove service.

Rently’s Smart Home Kits

Our “Essential Smart Home Kit” provides managers with a low-risk starting point for smart home deployment. The smart home devices in this starter kit include a smart lock, a smart thermostat, and hub to connect all devices using tri-band (cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet) connectivity. Once basic smart home devices are installed on your property, you can easily add other devices to capture additional benefits.

What our clients
are saying about us

Rently’s industry-leading Smart Home Technology elevates the renter experience.

Laura Myers, from Seldin Company, uses Rently products throughout many communities in their portfolio and strongly endorses our product.

Seldin Company implements these Rently solutions:

  • Common Area Access
  • Self-Guided Tour

Essential Kit

Every Rently Smart Home package includes the components of our Essential Smart Home Kit. These are the essential devices you need to start building a smart home. Start here, then add on our other kits or individual devices as your needs evolve.

  • Keyless Smart Lock

    Eliminate keys and remotely control access to your asset for self-guided tours, contactless move-ins/outs, and resident access. Residents can set up durational or one-time codes for guests and service providers.

  • Smart Thermostat

    Reduce utility costs and extend the life of your HVAC system by remotely controlling your thermostat and setting up custom schedules.

  • Rently Hub

    Connect all of your smart home devices together with our tri-band hub that comes pre-paired to your devices and runs off of cellular, no need for Wi-Fi.

Self-Touring Kit

Rently Smart Home integrates with our self-touring platform so you can streamline your lead to lease process. Install a smart lock and use it for both prospect and resident access. No need to move lockboxes around or manage keys. Our Self-Touring Kit provides extra security for self-guided tours.

  • Window & Door Sensor

    Immediately get notified when an entrance has been opened or left open after a self-guided tour to ensure the integrity of your asset.

  • Motion Sensor

    Receive real-time alerts if any motion is detected outside of a self-guided tour and create monitoring schedules to stay aware of what's happening inside your asset.

Smart Monitoring Kit

Protect your assets with Rently’s Smart Monitoring Kit. Our system detects any suspicious activity and sends you real-time alerts via both push notification and email alerts. Rest assured knowing that your vacant units are protected during and between self-guided tours.

  • Rently Doorbell Camera

    With HD video, 2 way voice communication ,motion detection, night vision, weather resistance, local video storage, and mobile phone alerts, you'll always know what's going on outside of the asset.

  • Window & Door Sensor

    Immediately get notified when an entrance has been opened or left open after a self-guided tour to ensure the integrity of your asset.

  • Motion Sensor

    Receive real-time alerts if any motion is detected outside of a self-guided tour and create monitoring schedules to stay aware of what's happening inside your asset.

  • Smart Siren

    Deter suspicious activity with our siren that sounds an alarm up to120dB and flashes an LED light when your sensors detect movement during your monitoring schedule.

Damage Prevention Kit

With Rently’s Damage Prevention Kit, you can prevent property damage before it happens and becomes a costly problem.Installing smart home devices that prevent damage can also reduce your insurance costs.

  • Smoke/CO Alarm

    This battery-powered combo detector features smoke and CO sensors that work independently to keep your residents and property safe. When smoke or CO is detected, the alarm sets off a 85DB siren and sends an alarm condition to the Rently Hub.

  • Leak Sensor

    Detect leaks as soon as they happen to prevent costly damages. The average cost of remediating a multi-unit leak is $12,000.

Energy Management Kit

In concert with your smart thermostat, Rently’s Energy Management Kit can reduce your utility usage up to 20%. It gives you complete control and insight into HVAC performance, and allows you to set schedules to reduce utility costs and enhance your residents’ living experience.

  • Smart Outlet

    Remotely turn on and off devices connected to the bottom plug.

  • Smart Light Switches

    Remotely dim or turn lights on and off and set up schedules.

Case Studies

See how leading real estate operators have benefited from our smart home solutions

Ameritex Decreased Lease Conversion Time with Self-Guided Tours

Rently helps Ameritex Property Management provide an exceptional customer experience


Showings facilitated per month

RangeWater Streamlines with Rently’s Smart Home Solution

RangeWater Real Estate currently manages a portfolio of nearly 95,000 multifamily units representing more than $6.62 billion in total capitalization.

1.2 years

Positive ROI in just 1.2 years

Optimize Your Leasing with Rently's Smart Home Technology

Empower your property management teams with smart leasing tools that attract new residents, increase retention, and command higher rental premiums.


Hear what our satisfied customers have to say

[Rently] provides accessibility with a scattered-site portfolio, allows remote showings without the need for lock-boxes, remote move-ins, vendor access, and [smart home technology as an] amenity for residents.

David Jaffee, National Home Rentals

Through strategic planning and the smart tech provided by Rently, The Cottages at Ridge Pointe was able to realize a significant savings in payroll while maintaining high occupancy and growing our budgeted rents. The use of smart locks and thermostats has enabled us to work more efficiently and still exceed our budgeted goals for the community ahead of the expected ROI timeline.

Henry Zuaznabar, RangeWater Real Estate

Rently has provided efficiency and added amenities we can offer to our residents. Being able to operate this remotely has allowed for management to create an optimal level of service. Impressive!

NMS Properties

We are big fans of Rently… We no longer have to worry about managing or losing keys. It is one of the things that allowed us to close down our brick and mortar office and truly be completely remote.

Group 15 Real Estate

Rently Smart Home Optimizes the Entire Leasing Lifecycle

With 4,000+ real estate operators deploying our smart locks, smart thermostats, and other smart home devices, Rently has the experience and product expertise to help single family and multifamily property managers deploy the best smart home devices to create smart homes and smart apartments.

We offer an “all-in-one” smart home technology platform that automates every phase of the leasing cycle – from self touring, to move-in, to smart home residency and beyond.

Our solution includes an operational desktop dashboard that provides managers with oversight of all property touring activity, controls smart devices in each unit, and gathers portfolio, community, and unit-specific data. We help customers quickly expand their deployments and automate homes on their properties with the support of dedicated Client Success and Customer Care teams.

Rently is pleased that our smart home automation solutions make a positive impact on the everyday lives of renters and property managers. We are excited to support the real estate industry’s embrace of smart home technology, and we constantly dream and create new technology innovations for the rental housing market.

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