Ameritex Case Study

Ameritex Decreased Lease Conversion Time with Self-Guided Tours

Rently helps Ameritex Property Management provide an exceptional customer experience

Ameritex Homes


Ameritex Property Management prides itself on providing an opportunity for residents at all stages of life to find a place they can call home. As a single-family property management company that rapidly expanded throughout Texas, there was the forethought and need to find a streamlined solution for both property showings and resident access.

Having to physically unlock a home for a showing or re-key every lock after resident turnover would not have been the most cost effective or efficient use of time with the vast service area footprint of Ameritex Property Management.


Partnering with Rently, Ameritex Property Management utilizes self-guided tours to increase foot traffic and shorten the conversion time for potential residents. Additionally, as an early adopter of Rently, Ameritex was able to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and saw no dramatic slow down in business because there was a solution in place to view a home without human contact.

Ameritex utilized both the Rently dashboard and real-time notifications integrated into its company chat platform to allow quick follow-up post home showings and to gather vital feedback results of each property.

Leveraging another integration between Ameritex’s management system and Rently, the process to market, show, and convert a prospect to a customer was streamlined and expedited.

Once a potential customer becomes an Ameritex resident, they appreciate the flexibility and convenience that Rently provides with keyless access to their home and remote access to both the locks and other smart devices in their home, like the thermostat. Happy customers translate into repeat customers and retained residents that renew rather than leave the property.


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  • 54+ Leads

    Facilitated 54+ leads (showings & pre-lease sign ups) per month over a 12 month period.

  • 660+ Homes

    Allowed for self-guided tours & resident management for 660+ single family units across the state of Texas.

  • 3-5 Days

    Decreased lease conversion time 3-5 days per property.

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