Published Jun 25, 2020

Echelon Property Group Finds 70% Conversion Rate for Leads Using Rently’s Self-Guided Tours

Colorado Forest Echelon Property Group

Today’s real estate industry is undeniably rooted in technology. PropTech has been on the radar for years now and it continues to push the boundaries, stratify the competitions, and transform the contemporary real estate model.

Echelon Property Group strives to deliver a higher level of service to its clients and being an innovator in their space. Echelon Property Group piloted Rently’s self-guided tours on one community and leased up the community ahead of schedule and saw a 70% conversion rate among the leads. Based on this success, their company is beginning to deploy self-guided touring across the majority of their properties.

Driven by PropTech: Echelon Property Group

Operating for over 20 years in the Colorado metro area, Echelon Property Group is a property management company. Their portfolio is impressive, with more than 12,000 apartment units using their management services in communities throughout the state.

Echelon’s core values are people, integrity, innovation, and results.

  • Real estate transactions are all about people. Echelon is committed to giving its clients, residents, and employees the very best – because after all, they’re the force behind Echelon Property Group’s success.
  • Respect and trust are essential to establishing a winning team. Echelon operates with the highest tier of ethical standards in everything they do and integrity is a foundational aspect of their brand Culture.
  • The ability to keep pace with the evolving expectations of property management demands an innovative approach. Echelon lives up to this challenge by implementing ground-shaking technologies that streamline operations while maintaining premier management services.
  • Echelon strives to generate tangible results and impeccable performance for each and every multifamily community.

Dedicated to delivering a higher level of service to their clients, the Echelon Property Group has earned a standing reputation as being the leading apartment management company in the state.

The Echelon Property Group is setting the pace as an industry innovator. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve through cutting-edge technologies. As leaders in real estate’s PropTech revolution, the Echelon Property Group is creating a template for others to follow.

This drive for result-generating products led them to explore Rently and adopt the self-guided tour model into their multifamily management processes.

About Rently

Rently provides multifamily property owners with a system that allows prospects to independently embark on a self-guided tour, safely and securely, without the need of a listing agent.

Rently has revamped the entire touring process for multifamily properties by solving common pain-points with technology. From start to finish, Rently’s self-guided tour options flawlessly fit into the steadily growing culture of independent online real estate leasing.

The advanced system is simple to navigate as the app is filled with helpful features designed to elevate the user experience.

Digital maps are included so touring prospects can explore the fullness of the community by visiting common areas and amenities. Contact information is available to smoothly handle any issues, and Rently’s app takes care of the rest.

Adding self-touring options to online listings and web marketing campaigns goes beyond even the top-tier tour alternatives, such as agent-guided video tours and 3D VR touring. Rently’s solution does not stand as a replacement for a physical tour – it is a creative optimization of the process.

Rently’s dedication to innovation made it a strong match for Echelon Property Group as both companies share the same core values. Paired with Rently’s unceasing commitment to security, scalability, and convenience; this tech-powered solution offered strong value to Echelon.


  • Echelon dipped its toes into Rently’s self-tour service by installing it to a brand new 96-unit townhome development in Colorado.
  • At the time, this asset was ripe for an updated management workflow. There was only one office staff member on-site, posing a challenge to the building’s overall capacity for growth and prosperity.
  • Rently’s self-tour provided a chance for Echelon to streamline the approach to management and maximize their talent.
  • The developments could be observed immediately as the community’s vacancies were filled sooner than ever anticipated. The property was leased-up ahead of the absorption schedule, but the quick turnover only marked the beginning of Rently’s business-boosting efficiency.

End Results

  • Marketing Director at Echelon Property Group, Mara Freese said that after using Rently’s self-guided tour services, “the results were incredible!”
  • After implementing Rently’s self-tour option into their multifamily portfolio, the Echelon Property Group reported a steady influx of about 17 self-scheduled showing appointments each month.
  • With more prospects flooding into their property listings, Echelon is seeing a 70% conversion rate for the leads that toured their units using Rently.
  • Following a great first experience, Echelon Property Group now uses Rently’s touring technology within the majority of their communities throughout Colorado.


As seen with the experience Echelon Property Group had with Rently’s services, implementing Rently’s self-tour can improve operations while drastically increasing efficiency.

As this forward-thinking group continues to lead by example, similar companies can benefit from learning about their PropTech experiences.

Ready to see how self-guided tours can bring your multifamily management strategies to a completely new level? Try Rently today! Visit our website to schedule a free demo.

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