Published Sep 22, 2020

Origin Investments Increased Tour Volume and Renter Applications with Rently’s Self-Guided Tours


Successful real estate investing relies on a winning blend of strategy, innovation, and technology. As such, leaders in this industry are adapting their business models to go above and beyond competitors – ultimately paving the way for new advancements within the real estate market as a whole. 

Origin Investments: Finding Solutions through Innovation 

Founded in 2007, Origin Investments is a company that provides people with a better way to invest in real estate. 

As an owner of various successful real estate funds, Origin Investments helps their partners easily invest in private real estate funds that will best meet their overarching goals. With investor capital, Origin Investments purchases multifamily communities and deploys property management companies to efficiently administer their assets – each becoming profitable avenues of wealth creation for their network of investors. 

In an effort to build and protect wealth, Origin Investments strives towards a partnership model where everyone wins together. Their company philosophy of transparency, collaboration, and growth cultivates returns fueled by real value creation, not financial engineering. 

Active in 11 fast-growing markets, this Chicago-based investment firm has executed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions and was recently named a consistent top-performing fund manager by Preqin, an independent provider of data on alternative investments.

Origin’s target cities for investment include Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix and Raleigh. The company’s main office is in its founding city, Chicago, with additional offices in Charlotte, Denver, and Nashville. 

Community Highlight

One of Origin Investments’ communities, Alto Highland Park, managed by Roscoe Property Management in Dallas, Texas, is redefining luxury. This 112-unit, 5-acre multifamily asset is a vibrant, elegant, and warm-hearted community that stands as a sanctuary in the heart of the city. 

With seamless portfolio management in mind, Origin Investments has adopted Rently self-touring technology to enhance their operations and guarantee a better return on investment. 

About Rently 

Founded in 2011, Rently is the leader in providing self-touring and enterprise smart-home technology for single-family and multi-family operators nationwide. Rently works with more than 3000 operators in the U.S. and has facilitated over 12 million renter self-tours to date and  has been granted 8 patents on self-touring and access control by the USPTO. Rently’s Self-Touring technology automates the renter check-in process, so that renters can instantly tour a vacant property, safely and securely, without an agent present. 


Origin Investments began integrating Rently’s self-touring technology into their asset management to make property showings more accessible to prospective renters. Rently’s convenient, easy, and navigable self-tour process helps communities lease vacant units faster by extending round-the-clock opportunities for touring. 

“Within the first month of implementing Rently, we secured three new lease applications from prospects that self-toured themselves outside of business hours (i.e. between 6 PM and 8 PM).  Without this flexibility for prospects, it is likely that we would not have seen these leases otherwise,” says Origin Investments’ Chris Neumann. 

End Results 

After working with Rently’s self-guided tour technology, Origin Investments saw an increase in both tour volume and renter applications. Rently’s flexible system enables renters to schedule a tour when it’s most convenient for them – even if it’s outside of the leasing office’s normal operational hours. 

“In an effort to become more accommodating to prospective renters, we found that Rently was able to provide us a convenient and cost-effective solution to offer after-hour tours while keeping in mind the safety of our existing residents”, says Neumann.

Verified prospects are able to explore their communities with ease, using the interactive live mapping feature to find key building common areas and tour-ready vacancies. Rently’s combination of advanced security and digitally-mapped touring has allowed Origin Investments to maximize the exposure of their vacancies while freeing up their leasing team to attend to renter applications and approval. 

These adjustments to the leasing process generate a more efficient lead funnel while ultimately reducing vacancies and boosting the profitability for greater return on investment. 


At the end of the day, Rently’s optimized touring system has tangibly assisted Origin Investments in securing a steady stream of income for their multifamily assets. 

Stephanie Johnston, the Regional Vice President of Roscoe Property Management, says of the Rently experience: “Since implementing Rently at our community, we have seen a significant increase in traffic, particularly from locators and realtors. Rently allows them to provide their clients, our future residents, with more convenient options for touring and identifying their perfect home.” 

Are you ready to learn more about how self-guided tours can expand the potentials of your portfolio’s leasing operations? Click here to schedule a free demo!

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