Published Jun 01, 2021

COMMUNITY CASE STUDY – Flatiron District at Austin Ranch

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How Rently helps The Flatiron District at Austin Ranch ensure that every prospect has the ability to tour in a timely manner


The Flatiron District at Austin Ranch (FDAR) is a multifamily community in The Colony, TX, ~20 miles north of Dallas. It is a multiphase community consisting 1,561units with 58 different floor plans. FDAR was looking to maintain occupancy during unprecedented times and to be proactive with the challenges that they faced in 2020.Also, being a community that receives significant foot traffic, they wanted to ensure that all prospects are accommodated in a timely manner.


The Flatiron District at Austin Ranch utilizes Rently’s Self-Guided Tours for Multifamily platform with smart lockboxes. They show both model and vacant units so that they always have the self-guided tour option available for prospects. They also leverage our integrations with Yardi and Knock to import available units and export guest cards to their existing softwares.



Prospects love the convenience and flexibility of self-guided tours. Rently also ensures that all prospects who want to tour are able to without having to wait.


960+ prospects completed a self-guided tour in 12months, for an average of over 80 tours a month.


By activating 17 units for self-guided tours, Rently was able to generate 146 leases for FDAR. This means that for every unit they activated, they received 8.6 leases.

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