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Single Family Self-Guided Tour | Leasing
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Increases tours by 25%
Reduces time on market by 75%

Self-guided tours are a requirement in today’s busy rental housing market.
In fact, 42% of renters prefer to view properties outside of regular business hours.

Tech-savvy renters are growing increasingly accustomed to on-demand services.
Self-guided tours allow prospects to schedule a convenient tour time and view properties on their own,
at their preferred day and time, in a safe and secure way.

How does it work?

  • Renters find your listing on or syndicated ILS
  • Renters complete a multi-layer security process
  • At the door, renters enter a one-time, durational entry code into a smart lock
  • Post tour, renters provide feedback and complete online rental application.


Self-Guided Tour Benefits

  • Generate Leads Faster

    Quickly reach prospects to accelerate your lease signings!

    70% of prospects tour a property within 2-hours of booking. That’s 10 days faster than agent-led tours!

    Rently Listings is the #1 lead generation tool for renters who want to tour on demand. With 10 million visitors annually, Rently Listings can increase your self touring activity by as much as 30%!

  • Save Time with Automation

    Accelerate the time from inquiry to tour.

    Rently automates every step of the renter experience including tour scheduling, tour confirmation, post-tour feedback and renter screening.

    Empower your leasing teams with tools to achieve greater efficiencies

  • Proactively Prevent Fraud

    Instantly verify the identity of prospective renters before they arrive to tour your property.

    Unique Rently technology — coupled with industry-leading trust & safety vendors, like Transunion ™ and others, make Rently’s multi-layered security and fraud prevention system, the best in the industry.

    Rently clients can request customizable security options to meet specific fraud detection requirements.

Single Family Benefits

Accelerate leasing efforts, enhance your prospects’ experience, and maximize conversions.

Extend the reach of your team with expanded viewing hours while saving leasing agents time traveling and avoiding “no-show” appointments.

  • Syndication to popular Internet Listing Sites
  • Inquiries receive auto-responder to schedule a self-guided tour
  • Option to schedule agent-led tours
  • Multi-layer security with AI-powered fraud detector
  • Chat, Email, and AI support
  • Single platform to manage tours and data

Multifamily Benefits

Accelerate leasing efforts, enhance your prospects’ experience, and maximize conversions.

Extend the reach of your team with expanded viewing hours and customizable tour paths so that onsite leasing staff can focus on qualified leads after tours are completed.

  • Community access and parking instructions
  • Dynamic onsite navigation with Wayfinding
  • Managers control tour hours
  • Smooth integration with leading PMS and CRMs
  • Custom website widget

Build-to-Rent Benefits

Provides build-to-rent developers with a home automation platform from which to activate self-guided property tours and centralize leasing.

  • Factor savings into building proposals
  • Dynamic navigation guides prospects to shared amenities during self-guided tours
  • Lower operating expenses with smart energy devices
  • Popular smart home amenities increase property value from day one

Self-Guided Touring Features

  • Syndication

    Rently syndicates your properties to popular listing sites including Zillow, Zumper, and

  • Inquiry Auto-Responder

    Rently automatically responds to property inquires by sending prospects a link to schedule a self-guided tour.

  • Agent Scheduler

    Schedule and manage agent led tours for your properties that are not yet activated for self-guided tours.

  • Flexible Hardware Options

    Rently offers a wide portfolio of smart home devices to fit your specific needs.

  • Manager Portal

    Manage self-guided tours from our easy-to-use desktop portal or mobile app.

  • Renter Support

    Prospective renters can access chat, email, and AI support while touring.

Case Studies

See how real estate operators have benefited from Rently’s solutions.

Willow Bridge’s BTR Properties Lease Faster

Since April 2020, Willow Bridge has experience a 75% reduction in time on market, with 30% of leases coming after self-guided tours.

Ameritex Decreased Lease Conversion Time with Self-Guided Tours

Rently helps Ameritex Property Management provide an exceptional customer experience

Legacy Partners Increased Traffic by 33% with Self-Guided Tours

Rently helps multifamily operator Legacy Partners' Aliso Apartments spend less time on tours and more time closing deals

Flatiron District Prospects Tour in a Timely Manner with Rently

Prospects love the convenience and flexibility of self-guided tours. Rently also ensures that all prospects who want to tour are able to without having to wait.

Lincoln Property Supplements Leasing Efforts with Self-Guided Tours

Rently functions as an additional "agent" so the leasing team can make sure all tours can be accommodated.


Optimize Your Leasing with Rently's Smart Home Technology

Empower your property management teams with smart leasing tools 
that attract new residents, increase retention, and command higher rental premiums.


Hear from our satisfied customers

What we’re finding is that most of our clients prefer to do a self-guided tour in lieu of the guided tour.

Kristina Bernatis, More Residential

Within the first month of implementing Rently, we secured three new lease applications from prospects that self-toured themselves outside of business hours (i.e. between 6 PM and 8 PM). Without this flexibility for prospects, it is likely that we would not have seen these leases otherwise.

Origin Partners

RangeWater has used Rently products for both self-guided tours and whole property smart home solutions.

Through strategic planning and the smart tech provided by Rently, The Cottages at Ridge Pointe was able to realize a significant savings in payroll while maintaining high occupancy and growing our budgeted rents. The use of smart locks and thermostats has enabled us to work more efficiently and still exceed our budgeted goals for the community ahead of the expected ROI timeline.

Henry Zuaznabar Senior Director of Property Management- BTR, RangeWater Real Estate

We are seeing about a 70% conversion rate for prospects that toured through Rently. Needless to say, we are now using Rently at the majority of our communities.

Echelon Property Group

Rently has provided our property teams with another valuable tool to help showcase our communities to prospective renters with its self-guided tour technology. The platform integrates well with our systems and prospects can easily navigate the app to tour when it is most convenient for their schedules, even outside of normal business hours.

CF Real Estate Services

Rently has really benefited us a lot by not only helping us to be able to have more opportunities for touring and touring qualified prospects, but also in helping reduce the demand on our associates so that they have more time for customer service with our residents and prospects.

Misti McElwee

We create the best rental experience
in the world!

Rently is guided by the desire to streamline leasing activity, optimize property management, and create premier resident experiences. We have innovated our patented technology to become the industry leader in self-guided tours and smart home technology.

With more than 16 million self tours completed to date and thousands of smart home devices deployed, Rently has the experience and product expertise to help single and multifamily operators optimize their entire leasing lifecycle with smart home technology.

We offer an “all-in-one” smart home technology platform that automates every phase of the leasing cycle – from self touring, to move-in, to smart home residency and beyond.

Our solution includes an operational desktop dashboard that provides managers with oversight of all property touring activity, controls smart devices in each unit, and gathers portfolio, community, and unit-specific data.We help customers quickly expand their deployments and upgrade their properties, and we offer dedicated Client Success and Customer Care teams.

Rently is pleased that our smart technology solutions make a positive impact on the everyday lives of renters and managers. We are excited to support the real estate industry’s embrace of smart home technology, and we constantly dream and create new technology innovations for the rental housing market.

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